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Mozilla MailNews Functional / UI Tests

By Esther Goes <> and

These test specifications are living documents. The tests outlined are manual at this time. Think any areas are missing from here? If so, let me know. (It'll be even better if you can write the test specs for them!)


Features which got implemented and need test specifications written for them

(No/Minimal Netscape QA resources available). Contact lchiang if you can help!

  • MIME-linkifier - see bug 6032
  • Support format=flowed - see bug 16398
  • Support of the X-Face header - see bug 20417
  • Movemail - see bug 11049
Address Book
Basic Functionality - Messages
Junk Mail Controls
Composition / Layout (Display) of Messages
Import Mail
Mail Folders
Multiple Accounts / Account Setup
MIME Compliance
  • Need tests! Want to help?
User Interface