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Old Milestone Releases

For the latest Mozilla binaries, see our new releases page.

These are the links to download packages and notes for Milestone Releases of the Seamonkey Project. Not all milestone builds are released at the same time so if the build you're looking for isn't here yet, DON'T PANIC. Check back later. If the source hasn't been released yet, check the README file in the current milestone directory for instructions on how to pull from CVS.

Full Circle Enabled builds allow transmission of crash data back to Netscape, improved crash analysis, and posting of crash related information to the netscape.public.mozilla.crash-data news group.

If you'd like to donate a build for a platform that's not here already, read our distribution docs.

Milestone 18 - Completed October 12, 2000

Milestone 17 - Completed August 7, 2000

Milestone 16 - Completed June 13, 2000

Milestone 15 - Completed April 18, 2000

Milestone 14 - Completed March 1, 2000

Milestone 13 - Completed January 26, 2000

Milestone 12 - Completed December 21, 1999

Milestone 11 - Completed November 16, 1999

Milestone 10 - Completed October 8, 1999

Milestone 9 - Completed August 26, 1999

Last Pre-Necko Builds (aka 8.5) -These builds are a stability check point for testing feature additions and bug fixes that were integrated prior to the landing of the new network library, and are based on nightly releases that have undergone an increased amount of testing over the regular nightly testing cycle.  To pull the corresponding source for these binaries do a CVS checkout on the "PRE_NECKO_LANDING_M9_MidLifeCrisis_19990728_BASE" tag.

Milestone 8 - Completed July 16, 1999

Milestone 7 - Completed June 22, 1999

Milestone 6 - Completed May 29, 1999

Milestone 5 - Completed May 5, 1999

Milestone 4 - Completed April 15, 1999

Milestone 3 - Completed March 19, 1999