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  • Project:  Seamonkey
    • Update 6/5/99
      • shifted one week on M7 and all following milestones 6/2/99
        • for additional feature catch-up, performance, parity, mem allocation cleanup.
      • added additional tasks and detail
    • Update 7/30/99
    • Update 10/08/99
      • Shifted to account for space, time, infrastructure analysis and optimization work and the push to dogfood alpha release 
    • Update 1/3/00
      • Shift out to mid month milestone cycles. Extend dates out to milestone 17.
    • Update 2/25/00
      • Add details about progress and plan for M15/beta.
    • Update 3/14/00
      • Update with note about Milestone 16-22 Planning in Progress.
    • Update 3/29/00  
      • Updates from post nscp_beta1 planning
    • Update 6/2/00
      • Post Evaluation of Feature Complete Status.
    • Update 8/02/00
      • From here on out, things will ship when they're ready. We're focusing on shipping stable releases and can't project any firm dates. Watch the mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup for announcments.
    Milestone Tree Close Branch On the Wire Key Features Highlights  Comment 
    M4 4/7/99   4/15/99 Simple Sidebar Appears
    Edit | Preference Appears
    M5 4/27/99   4/30/99 Minimal Profile Picker Appears
    Essential Preference Panels
    Sidebar  panel appears
    Modal Dialog Appear
    Mac Mail Appears
    New mail check - biff
    IMAP first appears
    Reply Send/all
    View In-line Attachments
    Load News Group in threadpane
    Post to newsgroup
    Pseudo JA L10n of components
    Compose & Send JA mail
    M6 5/18/99   5/22/99 Component Jar Installers Appear
    Migration Tool Appears
    XPConnect Lands
    XPConnect/XUL Strawman Security Plan
    Multiple Sidebar Panels via RDF 
    Search in URL toolbar
    IMAP and News Usable
    Remote  Tinderbox Channel Appears 
    Filing Sent Messages
    Insert/D&D Links
    Insert Table
    Apply Alignment
    JA charset auto-detection
    50% JA Pseudo Localization
    M7 6/8/99
    Preference Migration Tools Appears (win/mac)
     Pick app and more info in download dialog
     Frame/session history
     Begin URL dispatching
     XPCom/Base cleanup
     Connect file picker and popup menu to prefs
     Assist with SmartUpdate prefs pane
     Sidebar customization dialog
     Begin separate commercial and mozilla XUL
    Convert standard alerts to use window.openDialog
     Taskbar with popup menus
     JS window.screen implementation
     Window/task menu
    Drag and Drop Infrastructure
    Finish Scrollbars
    Titled Button extras
    Command-key binding
    XPConnect/XUL Strawman Security
       Implementation Starts
       DOM security; BL code integration
       Review of content sandbox in chrome
        Implement registration interface
         Remove "caller" property
    Empty Mail Trash
    Compress Folders
    Search Message UI
    Intelegent Sending HTML/Plain Text
    M8 7/6/99   7/9/99 Necko Phase 1 Landing ( http/ftp)  June 15
    Convert dialogs to use window.openDialog
     Window Mac and Linu x user agent
      Linux user agent
     Better status/progress
     Complete URL dispatching
     Basic toolbar URL entry
     Begin extensible prefs
     Complete separate commercial and mozilla XUL
      and XUL file layout
     JS navigator.*/browser.* implementation
     Better taskbar
     Necko phase 1 landing impact
    Continued Drag and Drop Infrastructure
    Native Print Dialogs
    menus display  accelerators & shortcuts
    Color Picker
    Clipboard (win)
    Tree Body Scrolling optimizations
    Profile Manager Complete
    Modal Dialogs
    Installable Chrome Security
    Security Evaluations
    Performance Optimizations
    Ender Drag and Drop
    XP Install .jar  appears windows
    Cut/Copy/Paste HTML (ender w/dep. on gecko)
    Ender Perfomance Optimization
    Autocomplete Infrastructure
            Feature Tracking for Component Areas have 
    moved to Bugzilla (strike items indicates task complete):
    M9 8/10/99   8/16/99 Necko Landing and Recovery  
    M10 9/28/99   10/08/99 Continued Feature Work, Performance and Stability  
    M11 11/2/99   11/5/99 Space and time analysis and optimizations. Architecturally complete" checkpoint.  Porkjockey Planning and time, size and space analysis.  
    M12 12/7/99   12/21/99 Dogfood Feature Implementation and Cleanup.
    Performance, Parity, and Porting
    Stabilization - Progress to Zarro Dogfood Boogs
    M13 1/18/00   1/21/00
    Mozilla Alpha Release - Archechtural Landings, Feature Work
    M14 2/15/00   2/18/00 Beta Stopper Bug list definition, Focus on Clean up and Stability  
    M15  nscp_beta1   3/20 Early April Push to Netscape Beta - details here  
    .M15 wrapup 4/4/00 4/8/00 4/14/00 Crypto Landed, Webshell Update Landed, Skinable UI, Other Architectural work.  
    M16 5/16/00 6/2/00 6/5/00 Feature complete check point - the annual cinco de mayo checkpoint and party  
    M17   7/26/00 8/4/00 Skinabiliity/Other Feature Complete checkpoint  
    M18 TBD TBD TBD Push to beta quality - estimated nsbeta2 branch point  
    M19       Focus on Performance and Stability Improvements  
    M20       Polish, Cleanup and Low Risk/High Reward Bug Fixing - nsbeta3 branch point  
    M21       nsbeta3 feedback and bug fixing  
    M22       Low Risk/High Reward Bug Fixing