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Lightning 0.8

Lightning brings Sunbird together with our popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird.

Download Instructions

  1. Go to the link above for your operating system and follow the instructions on the website.
  2. In Thunderbird, open the extension manager in the Tools/Add-ons menu
  3. Click the Install button, and locate, select the file you downloaded and click "OK"
  4. Close and reopen Thunderbird to finish the install
  5. Please read the Lightning release notes before you use this software.

The first time you run Thunderbird after installing Lightning, be sure to go to the Lightning pane in the Preferences or Options dialog and manually set your timezone correctly, and then restart Thunderbird once more. This will prevent your events from being created in wrong timezone.

Other Systems

Builds for platforms other than the trio officially offered by can be found on the FTP site.

Lightning nightly builds (development builds)

Nightly Lightning builds are now available for development and testing.

Please be aware, that the use of nightly developer builds has risks associated with it. Don't use them with production data, as dataloss and other scary things can occur. We're not kidding.