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Related links

  • The Calendar Weblog is a weblog about the latest developments in the Calendar/Sunbird/Lightning codebase and other community-related news.
  • The Calendar wiki contains developer-oriented and user-oriented documentation.
  • Mozilla Sunbird - Portable Edition is a solution for running Sunbird from a USB key or other portable drive. It should work from any removable media drive (USB thumbdrive, external hard drive, CDRW in packet mode, etc).
  • SunTray is a little app that minimizes the Sunbird, and Calendar programs to tray. Minimize to tray does the same for windows as does Kdocker for Linux.
  • iCalShare "is the largest directory of shareable calendars on the web." which you can subscribe to.
  • gives the Internet community an easy way to publish their calendars using the built-in "Publish to a web server" mechanism.
  • Apple's Calendar Library is Apple's library of .ics files which you can subscribe to.
  • The German mail provider GMX provides a free ICS via WebDAV service for all its users. The service is available at You will need your customer number and your GMX password to login.
  • Outlook2vCal is a tool for Microsoft Windows to export data from Microsoft Outlook as a vCalendar file which can be imported.
  • contains a converter, which allows to convert .csv files, which are used by Yahoo! and other providers, to .ics files, which can easily be imported into Sunbird or Lightning.
  • is a leading open source groupware server. See their FAQ on how it interacts with Calendar.
  • Open-Xchange "allows you to store appointments, contacts, tasks, emails, bookmarks, documents and many more elements and share them with other users."
  • WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, Interbase or ODBC is required.
  • The explanation behind Sunbird's Logo and how it evolved into its current form.
  • The Sunbird Marketing Materials.