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Lightning 0.8

Love Thunderbird, but also need to manage your schedule?
Do it from within our popular email client.

Sunbird 0.8

Mozilla-style ease-of-use for your calendar. Sunbird® lets you manage your schedule easily, and store it where you want to.

Which is right for me?

You may prefer Lightning if...
  • you send or receive meeting invitations via email
  • you already use Mozilla Thunderbird for email
  • you customize your applications with add-ons (such as extensions or themes)
You may prefer Sunbird if...
  • you prefer your calendar to be separate from your email client
  • you don't currently use Mozilla Thunderbird for your email
  • you don't like adding add-ons (such as extensions or themes) to your applications

Recent News

Visit the Mozilla Calendar Project weblog for the latest information about Lightning and Sunbird.

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