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before necko, there was...


Netlib is the fond name of the original networking library that has been with us since Navigator 1.0. Here are some documents that describe how it works:

netlib II

Written in the 4.0 Navigator/Communicator timeframe and ultimately shipped with some server products. It was written in C using this wonderful tool called JMC (the Java Module Compiler) that predates our use of COM and C++. Here are some fun documents about it if you can't sleep:


Java-based networking library developed for the Xena project. The code may be getting published on one of these days...


The BAM (Born-Again Modularity) effort was started in conjunction with the New Layout project (aka Gecko) in order to fit the new layout engine into the old codebase (now Mozilla Classic). Part of this was COMifying netlib, giving it a reasonable XP-COM veneer while all sort of horrors remained lurcking beneath the surface, ripe for a rewrite. Here's some info:


Earlier attempt to rewrite netlib for Seamonkey. Here are a few pointers:


Here we are today, trying to replace netlib once again. The Nth time's a charm.