netlib Preferences

The table below describes the user configurable (either by changing settings in the Preferences dialog or by manually editing the user's prefs file) preferences that impact netlib functionality.
Preference Name: Purpose: "PD" indicates the pref can be changed via the preferences dialog box provided in Communicator 4.x Default Value:
network.tcptimeout 0
network.tcpbufsize 0
network.use_async_dns true
network.dnsCacheExpiration Number of seconds to hold a dns host entity lookup in the dns cache. If zero, the dns cache is turned off. 900
network.enableUrlMatch Enable location field url typing autocomplete feature. true
network.max_connections Number of maximum connection netlib can have open. 4
network.speed_over_ui 0
network.file_sort_method 0
network.hosts.smtp_server PD: The default smtp server to be used. "mail"
network.hosts.pop_server PD: The default pop mail server to be used. "mail"
network.hosts.nntp_server PD: The default news server to be used. "news"
network.hosts.socks_server PD: The name of the socks server to be used for connections. ""
network.hosts.socks_serverport PD: The port of the socks server to be used for connections. 1080
network.hosts.socks_conf The name of the user's socks_conf file. ""
network.proxy.autoconfig_url PD: Pac (Proxy auto-configuration file url. ""
network.proxy.type PD: What kind of proxy support does the user want.
  • 0 - Unset (not used)
  • 1 - Manual (user defined)
  • 2 - Automatic (pac file url)
  • 3 - None (direct connection, no proxies or socks servers)
network.proxy.ftp PD: ftp proxy server name ""
network.proxy.ftp_port PD: ftp proxy server port 0
network.proxy.gopher PD: gopher proxy server name ""
network.proxy.gopher_port PD: gopher proxy server port 0 PD: news proxy server name ""
network.proxy.news_port PD: news proxy server port 0
network.proxy.http PD: http proxy server name ""
network.proxy.http_port PD: http proxy server port 0
network.proxy.wais PD: wais proxy server name ""
network.proxy.wais_port PD: wais proxy server port 0
network.proxy.ssl PD: https proxy server name ""
network.proxy.ssl_port PD: https proxy server port 0
network.proxy.no_proxies_on PD: What domains should go direct (i.e. skip the proxy server) when proxies are set. "" PD: Is the user online. true
network.prompt_at_startup false
network.accept_cookies No longer used. 0
network.foreign_cookies No longer used. 0
network.cookie.cookieBehavior PD: How should the client handle cookies?
  • 0 - Accept them unilaterally
  • 1 - Don't accept foreign cookies
  • 2 - Don't send or receive cookies
network.cookie.warnAboutCookies PD: Throw a confirmation dialog before receiving a cookie. false
network.sendRefererHeader Send the http referer header true
network.enablePad Enable client Proxy Auto Discovery false
network.padPacURL Url to the Proxy Auto Discovery file ""
network.wfe.use_async_dns true
network.wfe.tcp_connect_timeout 0 Url to send search text typed into the location field "http://

Judson Valeski, 1998