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Mouse Shortcuts

This is a list of the most common mouse shortcuts in Firefox, and the equivalents in Internet Explorer and Opera. The shortcuts are for Windows, but most of the Firefox shortcuts should work in Linux too.

Command Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
Back Shift+Scroll down Shift+Scroll down Shift+Scroll down
Close Tab Middle-click on Tab 1 Feature Not Available Shift+Left-click
Decrease Text Size Ctrl+Scroll up Ctrl+Scroll up Ctrl+Scroll up
Forward Shift+Scroll up Shift+Scroll up Shift+Scroll up
Increase Text Size Ctrl+Scroll down Ctrl+Scroll down Ctrl+Scroll down
New Tab Double-Click on Tab Bar Feature Not Available Double-Click on Tab Bar
Open in Background Tab Ctrl+Left-click 2
Feature Not Available Ctrl+Shift+Left-click
Open in Foreground Tab Ctrl+Shift+Left-click 2
Shift+Middle-click 2
Open in New Window Shift+Left-click Shift+Left-click  
Paste URL and Go Middle-click on Tab 1 Feature Not Available Feature Not Available
Reload (override cache) Shift+Reload button Shift+Reload button  
Save Page As Alt+Left-click    
Scroll line by line Alt+Scroll    

1: A Middle-click on a tab closes it on Windows by default. However, in Linux it pastes whatever is currently in the Clipboard and visits that site (or performs a search). This can be changed by setting the middlemouse.contentLoadURL pref to either true (for the Content Load URL feature) or false (for closing the tab).

2: By default, Ctrl+Left-click opens the link in a background tab (which will keep you navigating on the page you clicked the link on) and Shift+Ctrl+Left-click opens the link in a foreground tab. In order to reverse this behavior, select Tools > Options..., click on Tabs and check the When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately option.

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