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Last Updated Sunday, August 1, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

Once again, thanks to Pete Collins for his help with the image dialog. - Kathleen Brade

Chris Blizzard <> for helping us with build / runtime bustage on Linux two days in a row. Working a glibc fix (in the dlopen() code) to address bug #8849 - Seth Spitzer

I would like to thank John Fairhurst <> and Duncan Wilcox <> for help with the OS/2 and BeOS ports of nsFileSpec. Thanks guys! - Doug Turner

Module Updates
Plugins for Linux
July 30
Submitted by Hoa Nguyen <>

We checked in a bunch of code to properly instantiate XPCOM plugins in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp. We've cleaned up the sample code in mozilla/modules/plugin/test so that it builds and correctly instantiates with a corresponding sample page (resource:/res/samples/embed-test.html). We've got a bunch of changes queued and ready to checkin as soon as the tree opens. These changes include a sample of how to query nsIPluginInstancePeer and nsIPluginTagInfo to obtain the parameters from the <embed> tag. We've also got a bunch of changes relating to binding the plugin to XPConnect.

Misc Status

Checked in minor modification to viewer so that HTML pages with meta-tags describing charset encoding are displayed using the appropriate charset converter.

July 30
Submitted by Chris McAfee <>
  • NECKO has landed, please update to the tip and test this stuff.
  • blizzard is looking at build / runtime bustage on Linux two days in a row. Working a glibc fix (in the dlopen() code) to address bug 8849.
  • pavlov has checked in a fix for tree scrolling.
  • Start testing SeaMonekey mailnews: rename your 4.5 preferences.js to prefs50.js, start apprunner, things should automagically migrate over. (sspitzer)
Java in Mozilla
July 30
Submitted by Akhil Arora <>, Ed Burns <> and George Drapeau <george.drapeau@Eng.Sun.COM>

From Akhil Arora:

Documentation for the Blackwood project has landed. The Blackwood project aims to better integrate Java with Mozilla.

Introducing Pluglets: A first draft of the Java Pluglet API specification has landed. Developers are requested to help define the API.

The Java DOM API will be landing next week (8/6/99).

From Ed Burns:

Announcing: Source code availability of webclient and java-util packages.

webclient: This project was started by Kirk Baker <> and Ian Wilkinson <> and was originally called RaptorCanvas. In the first quarter of 1999, the AOL/Netscape/Sun deal closed and a group at Sun started the blackwood project, to better integrate Java and Mozilla. One of the subprojects in blackwood was to provide a Java API to the mozilla webshell, which Kirk and Ian had already done. Thus, Sun has joined forces with Kirk and Ian to produce webclient.

java-util: This project was started by Sun in 1997 as a part of Sun's Lighthouse Design Applications group's "Lighthouse Foundation Classes (LFC)". The current contents of the java-util package on are a minimal subset of the original LFC and include such classes as Assert, ParameterCheck, Log, and Debug.

From George Drapeau:

There are also some new Mozilla modules with module owners for Blackwood; these can be found on the Module Owners page: The modules are:

  • Java APIs for DOM (APIs for Java access to the Document Object Model)
  • Java APIs to WebShell
  • Java Front End
  • Java Stubs (OJI)
  • Java to XPCOM Bridge
  • Java Utility Classes (assert, debug, utilities, etc.)
  • Java-Implemented Plugins (Infrastructure for writing MIME content-handlers in Java.)
July 30
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Our main job this week has been tracking down our usability problems. What are the bugs that are stopping you from using the editor on a day to day basis?

Our focus over the next few weeks will be on finding these important usability problems and fixing them, so that we can all start using the editor for everyday work and can therefore keep on top of other, more minor missing features and usability bugs.

Our preliminary list is collected at We are filing bugs on these issues, so that they can be tracked through the bug system (with the keyword [DOGFOOD] in the summary line), and we'll be updating the dogfood page to show the corresponding bug numbers soon.

We want your feedback if you have other issues you think should be on this list -- please mail the editor newsgroup and tell us about them! And try to use the editor -- it's getting close to usable (I used it to produce dogfood.html and only had to make slight changes in the resulting output).

July 30
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>

Not much to report (as usual). Kipp's on vacation and I'm changing tables to use the new reflow command handling


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