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Last Updated Sunday, July 25, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

Thank you to Pete Collins for his JavaScript contributions for Composer dialogs. - Kathleen Brade

Also, check this week's Javascript and XPConnect update for many other friends of the tree!

Module Updates
July 23
Submitted by David Bienvenu <>
  • Messenger Compose window titles update as you type.
  • You can now Move/Copy between News, Imap, and Pop folders.
  • Created global XUL overlays that are currently being used in mailnews and the browser.
  • Mork row moving code checked in. Lots of Necko work - You can now run the 3 Pane with Pop and basic Imap and News. You can send a message from the Messenger Compose window. And it's now building on the Mac.
  • News migration from 4.5 to 5.0 works so you no longer have to fill in the prefs yourself.
  • Multipart/related (MHTML) mail composition/sending is working.
  • Speedup in XUL templates by waterson increased folder loading speed by 3x.
  • Folder cache turned on. panacea.dat should improve performance when bringing up folders.
July 23
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>
  • There's a style sheet in the editor -- you can apply a selection of different styles to the content you're currently editing.
  • The Ender text widget is making progress and is getting close to being enabled by default; it works best in necko builds.
  • Progress has been made at making the plaintext editor more robust, using CSS rather than a <pre> tag in the document to enforce preformatted mode.
  • Selection has been revamped: there are now several kinds of selection.
  • A new "preview" button has been added on the right side of the editor toolbar, to toggle between editor and browser layout modes.
  • Numerous bugs and API problems with copy/paste and selection handling have been fixed, and the "Test Selection" item in the editor debug menu
    is now much more useful (prints out all the possible formats for the selection).
  • HTML copy works now on all platforms (modulo some known minor bugs), as does Insert HTML (via the dialog, which now has a more user-friendly
  • An initial set of XUL keybindings are being worked on, and will be checked in as soon as XUL keybindings work on all platforms.
  • Work continues to make the UI and dialogs more solid, and to pin down editing rules and output behavior.
Javascript & XPConnect
July 23
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Mike McCabe has our Javascript and XPConnect updates:

John Bandhauer has been working on facilities to break cycles in XPCOM references that point through XPConnect, with much help from a tricky testcase provided by Bill Law. In the process, several hairy bugs in the JavaScript error message code cropped up, diagnosed and fixed with much help from JavaScript's humble founder, Brendan Eich. fixed xpt_link to build with Electric Fence, spotting (and fixing) a potential problem in the process. Jerry Kirk contributed more support for building JavaScript under Neutrino. Rob Ginda has made the Lizard a little more comprehensible with his extensive annotations to the XPCOM sample component.

We're still seeing lots of interest in the Rhino JavaScript engine for Java; Andrew Wason submitted a patch to the JavaAdapter facility, which allows JavaScript to implement Java interfaces on the fly.

Two team members are currently away: Mike Ang spent all week prepping for the Ottawa Linux Symposium where he and Mike Shaver are giving a talk. Also, Scott Furman came back from Bolivia just in time to head off again to Turkey. Bon voyage.

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