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status update

maintained by Chris Nelson <>

Last Updated Sunday, June 6, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

I'd like to mention Chris Lattner <>for his submission of the toolbar expanding/collapsing code that I checked in last week. Chris saw the task on my M9 schedule and decided he didn't want to wait until M9 to get it, so he finished it himself! That's what I call a friend of the tree! -Mike Pinkerton

Christopher Blizzard <> is working on a straight Xlib mozilla port; the build links and runs (./configure --enable-toolkit=xlib), send him mail if you're interested in helping. -Chris McAfee

Module Updates
June 6
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>



  • Tree horkages largely prevented real, checked-in progress this week. See issues section below.
  1. Much time spent fixing regressions and resolving build bustages. (all)
  2. Fixed 9 bugs in the last week, see our Fixed Bug List for details.
  3. Implemented the "provider name" feature for the chrome registry. (hyatt)
  4. Keybinding is now limping (okay, crawling), should be working on all platforms and checked in by end of day June 7. (saari)
  5. Dynamic hide/show title/menubar) API is in, code is functional on Windows. (danm)
  6. GFX scrollbar is up and rendering, responding to some events, but not checked in yet. (evaughan)
  1. Finish focus work. (hyatt, saari)
  2. XP_Beep() (sdagley)
  3. Finish converting appcores to components. (scc)
  4. Do some quick/easy improvements to tree performance. (scc)
  5. Finish dynamic hide/show title/menubar. (danm)
  6. Make window.openDialog practical and useable from C++. (danm)
  7. Clear out the things that prevent CGI script syntax from actually working. (danm)
  8. Drag & Drop. (mcafee)
  9. Finish scrollbar. (evaughan)
  10. Make dialogs resize to content. (evaughan)


    With Gecko folks, decided that the form widgets need to be broken apart into separate frames for GFX-rendered and Native-widget-based widgets. Bugzilla bug 7546 is now tracking this issue, and referencing related/dependant work.
  • Tree horkages remain a critical problem, and are largely responsible for the reduced accomplishments this week.  We have adjusted the schedule out by one week to account for 2-3 days of unexpected closure/flames, but tree problems have continued and nothing has happened to indicate that they will be reduced anytime soon. We must keep the tree open and green in order to achieve our current schedule.
  • David Hyatt will be on vacation june 10-13.
  • Steve Dagley has returned from vacation.
  • Rod Spears will return from vacation June 7.
  • Chris Saari will be back working onsite this week.
Rhino (JavaScript in Java)
June 3
Submitted by Norris Boyd <>

Norris Boyd has this update on Rhino:

June 4
Submitted by Mike Pinkerton <>

Mike Pinkerton has this update regarding XPToolkit:

More MacOS X patches from Eoin Norris <> at Apple Computer. Much thanks go to him, the Carbon team, and the MacOSX team for keeping current with the tip.

June 4
Submitted by Phil Peterson<>

Phil Peterson has our Mail/News update::

This week

  • Work in progress on search messages, filtering, news subscription, address book and LDAP, send unsent mail.
  • Posted mail/news "job list" of tasks mozilla contributors would be welcome to do.
  • News is pretty usable, since we limit the number of messages. IMAP is usable with a 100-200 message folder. Hopefully, performance improvements will improve this scalability problem.
  • Messenger converted to XP-IDL and dropped appcores
  • News and LDAP are becoming XP-COM components
  • Some footprint reduction work on Win32
  • Updated the milestone list
  • Specification work for Multiple Accounts and History Address Book
  • Fixed 55 M6 bugs (10 by engrs in other groups)
Next week
  • Feature work for M7. See the milestones doc.
  • New code landing in M7: incremental writing for Mork, LDAP SDK integration
  • Let's rev the UI specs on mozilla
Footprint watch
  • IMAP and Address Book are included for all platforms
  • Win32: 796k
  • Mac: 1585k (bug 7620 filed to investigate)
  • Linux: 1822k (bug 7623 filed to investigate)
  • Just for fun, I zipped up our current resources (chrome/messenger, chrome/addressbook, chrome/messengercompose) and they're 118k.
June 4
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Our Editor module update is from Akkana Peck:

  • Continued work on using the editor for form text fields -- 75 finished.
  • Fixed a number of memory ownership issues (and associated crashes and other problems)
  • More work on editing rules
  • We have some unit tests now, and we'll be writing more of them for M7, and getting them hooked up as part of the Tinderbox smoke tests.
  • More work on Find and Find Next.
  • Improvements to insert image, link, character styles, and other toolbar items. Some of these are waiting on popup menu fixes before they'll be usable, alas.
  • More work pinning down some of our UI issues (see the newsgroup for the full discussion).
June 5
Submitted by Chris Hofmann <>

A quick note on Milestones from Chris Hofmann:

I've updated the milestone plan to reflect the current thinking about feature work and stability phases, and tree closure periods. We are shifting out one week in M7 to catch up on a backlog of infrastructure, feature, performance, and bug fixing work.

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