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Last Updated Monday, May 31, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

Alexander Larsson for his GtkMozilla work. GtkMozilla is a GTK+ widget which can be used to easily embed gecko into any gtk application. Alexander is now the owner of this code and will maintain it in the repository. - Ramiro Estrugo, Seth Spitzer

Module Updates
Necko (New NetLib)
May 28
Submitted by Warren Harris <>

Warren Harris has our Necko update:


  • Worked out details of document activation. The problem is that you'd like to load a URL, but you need to get hooked up with (a) the application/event-sink that's going to handle it (like browser vs. mail/news), and (b) the content viewer for that particular document type. Details will be posted to npm.netlib shortly. [rpotts, warren]


  • We revisited our schedule and found 4 more weeks of work: 2 weeks more to phase 1 (landing necko in seamonkey builds), and 2 weeks in phase 2. This puts our landing date at 6/15/99 baring other slippage. [warren]
  • Worried about jar file support. We need this to implement resource: URLs, but not much is happening there yet. [valeski]
  • Rick's main disk died, lost some days. [rpotts]



  • Designed and implemented nsINetModuleMgr for external module support. [valeski]
  • Reworking async notifications to sit atop dougt's proxy event mechanism. [valeski]
  • Working on cookie interface. [valeski, neeti]
  • Finished "xpcom 2.0" landing. This will allow us to begin to make progress with generalizing the I/O interfaces in xpcom and unifying file specs with necko's I/O model. [warren]
  • HTTP

    • Work is progressing. We've checked in a first cut, and are trying to bring it up now. [gagan, rpotts]
    • Working on support for simultaneous async reading and writing with the socket transport. [rpotts]
    • Writing a more complete test case for the socket transport. [rpotts]


    • Core functionality mostly there. [valeski]
    • Working with rickg to use DTD-based parsing for ftp directory listings. [valeski]


    • Working on tests for synchronous version of dns code. Hope to check this in soon. [gordon]


    • Helped Steve Morse land signon and wallet changes. [gordon]
    • Checked in build scripts for separate NSPR build. (bug #4314)  [gordon]
    • Checked in fix for conditional patching of StackSpace. (bug #4312)  [gordon]
    • Checked in fix for PR_Open. (bug #6662)  [gordon]
    XPCOM 2.0
    May 28
    Submitted by Suresh Duddi <>

    Suresh Duddi has this update regarding XPCOM:

    XPCOM 2.0 Landed. This was major reorg of the xpcom/ directory. As a result of this, mozilla/base/ is obsolete. So are mozilla/xpcom/src and mozilla/xpcom/public Thanks to the enormous efforts of Warren Harris and John Mcmullen.

    XPCOM binary compatibility with COM fixed. Return value of nsISupports::Addref/Release changed to unsigned long for PC platforms where long is 32 bits.

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