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mozilla mail/news milestones

Resource Name Task Name
  M5 (April 27)
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Get Mac build added to Tinderbox
Candice Huang Preferences dialogs
Alec Flett Aggregate local mail, IMAP, news into folder pane
Scott MacGregor Write a real version of read/write line from proxied stream
Scott MacGregor Integrate with blocking password for POP and SMTP
Scott MacGregor Work on nsMsgService
Scott MacGregor Connection cache capable of at least one connection
Scott MacGregor Loading a message
Scott MacGregor Code to logon and move to the authenticated state
Scott MacGregor IMAP thread part of folder discovery
Jeff Tsai Create nsImapFolder
Jeff Tsai Event sinks (folder creation, etc.)
Jeff Tsai Hook up with data source (w/ scottip)
Jeff Tsai Hook up with Multiple Account work (w/alecf)
Jeff Tsai Add IMAP-specific prefs to nsImapIncomingServer
Jeff Tsai Add IMAP-specific RDF notifications (e.g. new folder)
David Bienvenu[80%] Folder selection and loading into thread pane
David Bienvenu[80%] Hook up IMAP database
David Bienvenu[80%] Header parsing
David Bienvenu[80%] IMAP Get New Mail
David McCusker incremental writing
Seth Spitzer Show newsgroups in folder pane
Seth Spitzer Load newsgroup into thread pane
Seth Spitzer Post to newsgroup using compose UI
Rich Pizzarro Encode/decode (binhex, uuencode, appledouble, etc.)
  Multiple accounts
Alec Flett Apply MA to local mail disk hierarchy
Alec Flett POP GetMsg goes to separate mail folders
  Address Book
Candice,Paul First pass at AB UI
Candice Huang AB Data Source w/ hardcoded data
Rich Pizzarro Footprint reduction for libmime, vCard plugin
Rich Pizzarro Upgrade vCard to v3.0 if easy to do
Rich Pizzarro Output message headers in UTF-8
Rich Pizzarro Clean up display of message headers using CSS
Rich Pizzarro Output MIME parts (including body) in UTF-8
Rich Pizzarro MHTML - fix up links to display in new window
Rich Pizzarro Move header parser to mailnews/mime
  XUL maintenance
Scott Putterman Use chrome URLs as shown in hyatt's spec
Seth Spitzer Use entities instead of literal strings as shown in tao's spec
Scott Putterman Split up folder data source and message data source
Scott Putterman Add new folder baskend
Scott Putterman Reflect message counts for folders
Scott Putterman Remove dependency from mailnews/base on RDF
Scott Putterman Move protocol-specific code out of base
  M6 (May 18)
Jeff Tsai Apply MA work to IMAP
Jeff Tsai Start IMAP Connection pool
David Bienvenu[80%] IMAP Get New Mail (dependency on scottip)
David Bienvenu[80%],Jeff Tsai,Scott MacGregor IMAP usable (depends on RDF optimization)
  Address Book
Paul,Candice AB included in builds for all platforms
Candice Huang UI for Directory Pane - first look
Candice Huang UI for Results Pane - first look
Paul Hangas UI to edit one entry
Candice Huang RDF data source
Scott Putterman Mark Read
Rich Pizzarro Backend test harness
Rich Pizzarro Migrate legacy backend code
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Integrate Editor toolbar
Jean-Francois Ducarroz HTML vs. plain text switching
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Forwarding quoted
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Reply quoted
Jean-Francois Ducarroz WYSIWYG wrapping in plain text mode
  Multiple Accounts
Alec Flett Build MA UI (Acct Mgr dialog?)
David McCusker Hash tables for threading
David McCusker Incremental writing
Seth Spitzer Full support for summary files
Seth Spitzer News usable
Seth Spitzer nntpTest testbed on Windows and Linux
Seth Spitzer newsParserTest testbed on Windows and Linux
Seth,Jean-Francois News running on Mac
Seth Spitzer Finish news posting
Alec Flett Build Search Messages dialog box
Alec Flett Build Filter dialog box
Rich Pizzarro Pref to enable wrapping long lines when reading plain text messages
  M7 (June 8)
Alec Flett Convert Messenger app core to IDL
Alec Flett Folder list in sidebar
Scott Putterman New mail notification (biff) in sidebar
Alec Flett Finish Search Messages dialog
Alec Flett Finish Filter List dialog
Alec Flett Finish Filter editor dialog
Alec Flett Folder picker for search & filter
David Bienvenu[80%] Port 4.5 filtering code (incl. News)
Scott MacGregor Port 4.5 searching code (XPAT news, IMAP, local)
Scott Putterman Search infrastructure using RDF
Rich Pizzarro Reorg and clean up old composition code
Rich Pizzarro Send message later - local backend
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Convert message composition to IDL, remove appcore
Rich Pizzarro Quoting - backend
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Add UI for adding attachments
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Reply options (sender, all, etc)
Seth Spitzer Cancel articles
Seth Spitzer Mark articles Read
Seth Spitzer Post to any news host
Seth Spitzer Finish newsParserTest testbed on Windows
Seth Spitzer Subscribe UI (XUL only)
  Address Book
Paul Hangas UI for Card View Pane - first look
Paul Hangas UI for Address Picker - first look
Paul Hangas Properties dialog for Address Book entries - first look
Candice Huang Port LDAP/AB prefs code
Candice Huang Data source support for mailing lists
  Multiple accounts
Alec Flett Migrate prefs from 4.0
Alec Flett Clean up hacks in local and IMAP
David McCusker Finish incremental writing
Scott Putterman Mark flagged
Scott Putterman Delete folder
Scott Putterman New mail check (biff) integ w/ Flash panel
Scott Putterman Remember charset per-folder
Jeff Tsai Finish IMAP connection pool
Jeff Tsai Start IMAP undo
  M8 (July 6)
all Use new string bundles for localization
all Alerts for error messages
  Scriptable modal dialog boxes
Seth Spitzer New folder dialog (if tree control can't edit inline)
Seth Spitzer Rename folder dialog (if tree control can't edit inline)
  Address Book
Paul Hangas UI design for AB synchronization
Paul Hangas New Card dialog functional
Paul Hangas Edit Card dialog functional
Paul Hangas UI for mailing lists
Paul Hangas UI for addressing widget
Paul Hangas Delete Entry
Candice Huang Integrate w/ MORK DB
Candice Huang Add, Delete entries from DB
Scott Putterman View navigation
Scott Putterman Solve the multiple window problem
Scott Putterman Do views using enumerator + filter
Scott Putterman Views and threads
Scott Putterman Delete folder moves to Trash
Scott MacGregor Empty Trash/Compact folder - IMAP
Scott MacGregor Move deleted messages and folders to trash - IMAP
David Bienvenu[80%] Finish message threading
David McCusker Update in place
David McCusker Replace usage of filespec with filestream
David McCusker Sorting for autocomplete
Rich Pizzarro Reparse headers of queued messages when sending
Rich Pizzarro Filing sent messages - local backend
Rich Pizzarro Multipart/related (I.e. Send web page)
Rich Pizzarro IDL-ize backend interfaces
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Intelligent send of HTML vs plain text
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Send message later - UI
  Multiple accounts
Alec Flett Identity pull-down in compose window
Alec Flett Smart choice of identity when composing
Alec Flett Smart choice of SMTP serve
Alec Flett Reorder accounts
Rich Pizzarro New Gecko-based design for MIME type matching
Rich Pizzarro IDL-ize interfaces
Rich Pizzarro Convert HTML to plain text for quoting
Scott MacGregor Hook up to throbber
Scott MacGregor Hook up to Stop button
Scott MacGregor Status bar - text messages
Scott MacGregor Status bar - progress
  Message pane
Jeff Tsai Save messages
Jeff Tsai Open attachment
Jeff Tsai Save attachment
Seth Spitzer Finish newsParserTest testbed on Linux
Seth Spitzer Support hostinfo.dat files
Seth Spitzer Subscribe data source work
Seth Spitzer Subscribe back-end for news
Seth Spitzer Make expanding news host get counts
Seth Spitzer Make opening a group get messages
Jeff Tsai Undo delete local messages
Jeff Tsai Finish IMAP undo delete messages
  M9 (July 27)
Scott Putterman Empty Trash/Compact folder - local
Scott Putterman Move deleted messages and folders to trash - local
Seth Spitzer Cursor changes (mechanism)
Seth Spitzer Reordering newsgroups and servers in folder pane
Seth Spitzer Use FAT file on filesystems where we need it
  Address Book
David McCusker Start import tool for 4.x address books
Paul Hangas UI for New Address Book
Paul Hangas Auto-complete addressing
Candice Huang Sorting
Candice Huang Import (LDIF, CSV, TAB)
Candice Huang Add attributes for new features
Candice Huang Back-end for mailing lists
David Bienvenu[80%] New features
Jeff Tsai Rename folder
Jeff Tsai Delete folder
Jean-Francois Ducarroz FCC menu for outgoing messages
Rich Pizzarro Multipart/related Editor integration
David McCusker Partial parsing
David McCusker Use temp file on commit
David Bienvenu[80%] Use summary.dat to avoid opening all DBs
Scott MacGregor Necko integration
Scott MacGregor Pluggable stream converter integration
Rich Pizzarro Necko stream converter integration
  Thread pane
Scott Putterman New design for adding/removing columns
Scott Putterman Don't scroll table headers
  Three pane
Alec Flett Enable/disable menus and buttons (mechanism)
Alec Flett Dyanmically added UI based on component presence
Alec Flett Integrate with Task bar
  M10 (August 17)
Rich Pizzarro Drafts - local backend
Rich Pizzarro Drafts - IMAP backend
Rich Pizzarro Templates - local backend
Rich Pizzarro Templates - IMAP backend
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Drafts UI
Jean-Francois Ducarroz Templates UI
  Address Book
Paul Hangas Add sender/recipients to address book
Candice Huang Drag and drop
David Bienvenu[80%] Address Book containing email history
David McCusker Finish import tool for 4.x address books
  RDF & Thread pane
Scott Putterman Resolve RDF API for copying nodes
Scott Putterman Drag/drop messages and folders
Scott Putterman Delete a message, select the next one
Scott Putterman Focus
Scott Putterman Remember last message selected in a folder
Scott MacGregor IMAP MIME parts on demand
Scott MacGregor Mail server account management URLs
  Three pane
Alec Flett Show/hide panes using grippy control
Alec Flett Alternate three pane configs
Alec Flett Standalone message window
Alec Flett Standalone two pane (threads + message) window
  Folder properties dialogs
Seth Spitzer News host
Seth Spitzer Newsgroup
Seth Spitzer local folder
Seth Spitzer IMAP folder
  Message pane
Jeff Tsai New features
  M11 (Sept 7)
Scott Putterman Context menus - all panes
? (rhp on sabbatical New UI for message header display in message pane
? (rhp on sabbatical Attachment display
David Bienvenu[80%] Filter after the fact
David Bienvenu[80%] Auto-reply and forward
David Bienvenu[80%] Block sender (anti-spam)
  Address Book
Paul Hangas Delete Address Book
Paul Hangas Address Picker functional
Paul Hangas New Features. Details TBD
  Folder pane
Alec Flett Sort special folders (e.g. Inbox) to the top
Alec Flett Sort non-special folders alpha within hierarchy level
Scott Putterman Show/hide toolbars
  Message pane
Seth Spitzer Increase/decrease font
Seth Spitzer Integrate with Find dialog for messages
Seth Spitzer Hook up printing with Gecko
  M12 (September 28)
  Address Book
Paul Hangas Work on fine points: menus, buttons, context menus
  M13 (October 19)
Seth Spitzer Subscribe UI for news
Seth Spitzer Offline News support
Seth Spitzer Subscribe UI for IMAP
David Bienvenu[80%] Offline IMAP support
  Three pane
  Proxy icon for drag/drop folders
  Proxy icon for drag/drop messages
  Address Book
Paul Hangas New features
Candice Huang LDAP Properties dialog
Candice Huang LDAP Preferences backend
Phil Peterson[50%] Port LDAP replication code from 4.x tree
Phil Peterson[50%] Add support for ldap_modify to replication
Phil Peterson[50%] Port translation to HTML code from 4.x tree
Phil Peterson[50%] Port add-to-AB code from 4.x tree
Phil Peterson[50%] LDAP Protocol (using the SDK)
Phil Peterson[50%] LDAP SDK into build process
Phil Peterson[50%] Port LDAP searching code
  mozilla opportunities (see
Seth Spitzer Supersede
Seth Spitzer Followup-to: poster
Seth Spitzer Autocomplete on newsgroup names in compose window
Seth Spitzer Use new stds to enable reply to news from mail
Seth Spitzer News biff
Seth Spitzer Get news across servers
Seth Spitzer News style ellipsis, e.g. n.p.m.mail-news
Scott Putterman Universal inbox (virtual folders)
David Bienvenu[80%] Javascript filters
  APIs (req'd for Palm sync)
? (rhp on sabbatical Port Simple MAPI implementation to 5.0
? (rhp on sabbatical Redo Address Book API for 5.0