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Last Updated Sunday, October 3, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

Ben Goodger <> for helping clean up the Profile Manager UI. He's been giving me sample screen shots of what he intented to implement suggestions (and sample javascript) to make the current design better - Seth Spitzer

I second that. Ben's been doing great work in the editor dialogs too. - Simon Fraser

Module Updates
October 1
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Resolved 25 bugs in the last week, fixing 13 of them.  See our resolved bug list for details.
  1. Eric Vaughan has added support for page up/down and cursor keys to XP scrollbars, and is getting very close to having them ready for dogfood.
  2. Eric has also been working on a lightweight scroll pane in hopes of getting rid of most native widgets.
  3.  Mike also wrote a Perl script to help David Hyatt remove refs to xul.css from all XUL files.   (pinkerton, hyatt)
  4. Stuart Parmenter got menus patially dismissing on Unix, it works if you click elsewhere in the app, still working on  clicks that switch you to another app. (pavlov)
  5. Pav also added code to get the view manager almost ready to draw things based on regions and not rects which when finished should make drawing faster XP. (pavlov)
  6. Pav also converted lots of widget headers to IDL and began an overhaul of widget to fix interfaces. (pavlov)
  7. David Hyatt, Daniel Matejka and Chris Saari started fleshing out a design for focus issues. (hyatt, matejka, saari)
  8. Dave also split XUL.css into 2 files, and ensured that they are loaded once at startup (with help from a Perl script Mike Pinkerton wrote), a performance win. (hyatt, pinkerton)
  9. Steve Dagley made some incremental improvements to Mac startup time by tweaking NSPR's threshold for async reads.
  10. Chris Saari beat keybinding/key events into submission on all platforms. He's pretty sure that things should be working now. Until next week at least. (saari)
  1. Fix remaining bugs in XP scrollbars, finish testing absolute positioning, check them in and enable them. (evaughan)
  2. Clean up XUL dialogs everywhere. (evaughan)
  3. Work with beard to get the view manager using regions to draw have nsIWidget.idl built. (pavlov)
  4. Fix focus problems in dialogs. (pavlov)
  5. Fix blocker bugs, improve performance size and speed, polish the UI, and in general make sure things don't suck for 'beta'. (all)
  6. Land the new UI. (hyatt)
  7. Work on focus issues. (hyatt, saari, matejka)
  8. Improve Mac file I/O performance in Necko file channel code. (sdagley)



I18N (Internationalization)
September 27
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>
  • A dynamic version of "character set" menu have been added, based on RDF
  • An "Auto Detect" menu has been added to change charset auto detector. The default is "Off". It is very useful for non European users- Try "Japanese" and browse some Japanese pages which do not supply charset information in HTTP and/or HTML META tag. (for example, . This menu will later merged into "character set" menu as a submenu.
October 1
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>

Spent the entire week working on space related issues. We have converted many of our xpcom components into xpcom modules which allows us to cleanly shutdown a library. Doing this has allowed the space team to hook up to the shutdown methods cleanup code that releases library global data, thus helping reduce the noise in purify and leaky logs.

I've also fixed a handful of smallish leaks on the way, and done alot of work improving leaky to be more useable for this sort of work. In particular, leaky now supports a "graph" and "dump to html" capability that allows one to see a graph of the memory leaks in html. You can use viewer/apprunner to view and manipulate the graph :-)

October 2
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Big news for Rhino this week! Norris Boyd has checked in a classfile generation mode, which means that Rhino can now compile JavaScript on the fly all the way down to Java bytecodes, making for fast execution. With a good JIT compiler, some loops go all the way to machine code! See Norris' slides from the mozilla Codestock for details.

Roger Lawrence is continuing to close in on ECMA-262 version 3 conformance with his work on JavaScript 1.5; he recently turned on the code that allows JavaScript runtime errors to be caught as exceptions.

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