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CodeStock Slides

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Here are the Codestock slides available for online viewing or download. We've included ZIP files of the HTML or PowerPoint versions for those who want to download the presentations and run them locally. For the most part all the HTML presentations are viewable in Netscape Navigator 4, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, or Opera 3 except for the DOM1 presentation, which requires Mozilla or Internet Explorer 5 to view in its intended form. Also, some of Eric Krock's presentations do not have explicit controls to advance slides; for those presentations simply click on the right edge of the slide to go to the next slide, or on the left edge of the slide to go to the previous slide.

As soon as possible, Netscape will make these presentations available for streaming audio replay at Please be patient and check back there every week or two until the presentations appear; how long that takes will depend upon production schedules.

Speaker Presentation ZIP of HTML ZIP of PPT95
W1/2: Building Web Content, Apps, and Services
Eric Krock, Netscape Gecko Overview N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape What's New in HTML 4.0 N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape What's New in CSS Support? N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape XML, XML Namespaces, XML+CSS1, and RDF
Mitch Gould, DOM1
(view using Mozilla or IE5) N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape DOM2 Events and CSS N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape Cross-Browser Design N/A
Eric Krock, Netscape A Taste of XUL
Claudius Gayle, Netscape Quality, Getting Involved, and Summary
P1: Mozilla Plug-in API
Eric Krock, Netscape Overview of the Mozilla Plug-in API
Alex Musil and Andri Volkov, Netscape The Mozilla Plug-in API
E1: Embedding Gecko
Johnny Stenbäck, CiTEC Extending Mozilla
Howard Ryan, Building Gecko-Centric Applications
Ed Burns, Sun Microsystems Webclient: Embedding Mozilla in Java N/A N/A
Adam Lock The Gecko ActiveX Control
Viswanath Ramachandran, Netscape Spidermonkey: Embedding the JavaScript Interpreter
Norris Boyd, Netscape Rhino: JavaScript in Java

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