Netscape "Gecko" CodeStock Slide Show on DOM Level-1


Before You Start

The slide presentation consists of HTML files designed for the "Version 5" browsers from Netscape and Microsoft (Netscape Navigator 5 and Internet Explorer 5) only.

If you are using either of these browsers, the legend above reads: "START". If you are NOT using them, the legend above may read, "SLIDE SHOW NOT SUPPORTED" or there is no such message at all.

If you fail to see "START" above, or if you see "SLIDE SHOW NOT SUPPORTED" above, do not use this slide show. Instead, use this link to view all slides in one text file:


Also note:

- The slides are designed for 800x600-pixel screen resolution.

- The slides work with any font, but are especially designed with Georgia and Verdana as serif and sans-serif fonts. On Macintosh, the Geneva, Times, and New York fonts are specified as fallbacks. These slides have currently been tested only on Windows 98.

Switching style sheets
These slides have been bundled with two style sheets. The default style sheet, opoint2.css, generates slides with static, complete content.

The alternate sheet, opoint.css, is used by the presenter. With opoint.css, when a slide loads, it contains grey text on a darker grey background. Moreover, the text is slightly shifted off the left edge of the screen. This is specifically intended to minimize the visual distraction of text until the presenter is ready to reveal each point. To reveal the text, click on it.

If you have a strange desire to use the slides in a presentation, enable the alternate slide sheet with the following steps:

- 1. Rename opoint2.css to "opoint1.css".

- 2. Rename opoint.css to "opoint2.css".

- 3. Reload the slide.

To navigate between slides, click on the classic VCR-style symbols at the top of the slide: << < § >. ( The § symbol takes you to the "agenda" slide; there is presently no table of contents.) If a symbol lacks an underline, that means the hyperlink has not been enabled (for instance, "<" on the first slide is disabled, since there is no previous slide).