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Last Updated Tuesday, September 28, 1999

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Module Updates
September 24
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Last week

  • 83 bugs fixed (17 by engineers in other groups)
  • Account manager improving quickly
  • Profile migration improving quickly
  • Compose message defaults to the account you're reading
  • Startup performance improved
  • Attachments in message reading and composition work
  • Lots of design work on command updating/enabling/dispatching
Next week
  • A few remaining milestone stopper bugs
  • Contributing to infrastructure work including URL dispatching, profile mgmt, the tree control, global XUL files, etc.
September 27
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Resolved 55 bugs in the last week, fixing 28 of them.  See our resolved bug  list  for details.
  • David Hyatt got popup windows and XPMenus to dismiss properly (includes popups, drop-downs, context menus, etc.)  But you probably noticed that already...   (hyatt)
  • Stuart Parmenter eliminated  scads of excess repaints on Unix, improving drawing and performance significantly.  Pav also fixed some memory leaks too. (pavlov)
  1. Fixed mousing over links with long urls (like causing full reflows of window chrome. (pinkerton)
  2. Mac scrollbars no longer repaint when mousing over links. (pinkerton)
  3.  Sneaked event capturing into the HTML content model. (saari)
  4. Got linux keybinding working again. (saari)
  1. Stabilize in the next few days to get M10 out.
  2. Fix blocker bugs, improve performance size and speed, polish the UI, and in general make sure things don't suck for 'beta'. (all)
  • Everyone seems happy with the new focus for 'beta', and the flexible organizational approach to doing it.
  • Chris Saari is pretty sure there is a nasty interaction between broadcasters/observers and menus. Overlays might be required to reproduce as well.  He'll need some help from hyatt and or waterson on this.
  • Chris McAfee has moved over to the XPApps team, where he will be working on features but still somehow find time to make AppRunner run great on Unix.  We'll miss having him on the XPToolkit team, but are very glad he is still in the Browser group, and on the team.  All the best Chris! (mcafee)
  • Stuart Parmenter  (aka Pav) has agreed to join the XPToolkit team as a regular full-time Netscape employee!  He's been doing excellent work as an intern, and we look forward to major contributions from him in the future.  Next time you see him, please give him an extra pat on the back and congratulations.  (pavlov)
Necko Status
September 28
Submitted by Warren Harris <>


  • Hooked up async DNS interfaces to socket transport. (Async DNS still isn't async yet though.) [rpotts]
  • Spent a lot of time rationalizing docloader notifications. Still working on progress notifications. [rpotts]
  • Fixing memory leaks. [rpotts, warren]
  • Added data protocol to Mac build. [gordon]
  • Designed necko cache interfaces. Researching DBs for disk cache, and working on memory cache implementation. [fur]
  • Implemented basic proxy support for http (proxy autoconfig not implemented yet). [gagan]
  • Fixed numerous URL parsing bugs and leaks. [gagan, andreas]
  • Fixed "host field mapping" error response from servers. [gagan]
  • Working on MakeAbsolute performance. [valeski]
  • Working on async DNS for the Mac. Issue is providing a way of waking up an nspr thread from an interrupt handler. [gordon]
  • Working on ftp crasher that only shows up in optimized builds. [valeski]
  • Major latency problems with ftp thread on the Mac. The ftp thread seems to get scheduled so late that the server has given up on us. [valeski, warren -- sfrasier to help out on this]
Current assignments
  • rpotts - docloader reworking
  • valeski - ftp, internet keywords
  • gagan - http proxy & keepalive
  • warren - url dispatching / general memory work
  • gordon - async dns

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