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Last Updated Sunday, September 19, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

Owen Taylor hacked together code that will help with the problems with extra event propagation and painting with gtk containers and widgets. If you want to thank Owen please send a good strong stout to: Owen Taylor's Brain, c/o Red Hat Inc, 2600 Meridian Parkway, Durham, NC 27713. - Chris Blizzard

Thanks to Suresh Duddi and Ed Burns, NS_InitXPCOM now takes two additional arguments: the registry file name and the components directory.

Module Updates
September 21
Submitted by Mike Shaver <> & Peter Trudelle <>
  • Implemented nsIWidget::CaptureMouse on unix which makes gfx combo boxes work almost right. (pavlov)
  • Resolved 53 bugs in the last week, fixing 37 of them.  See our Bug List   for details.
  1. Fixed splitter to do a system grab of the mouse. Unfortunately bad.. bad..  things happened on Linux. So I disabled them. Will try again. (evaughan)
  2. Added color pickers to prefs. (mcafee)
  3. Fixed 99% of the region leaking problem on unix. (pavlov)
  4. Added support for native system colors on unix. (pavlov)
  5. Took over the XPMenu code & started hacking on it. (saari)
  6. Switched onchange event in the command system to onbroadcast. Added oncommandupdate and input events. Need to check this in when no one is around and I can tromp on all of the XUL files in the product.  (saari)
  7. Spent time chasing the Palm + MacOS menu crash. Turns out that menus are not being properly freed, and most likely their parent windows as well. If I don't get a chance to properly tear down the menu hackery, the Palm software will explode next time you run Seamonkey. Pink suggested perhaps patching exittoshell() to ensure proper teardown. This requires some  thought. (saari)
  8. Had another keybinding meeting (several of them actually), and we have a clear path for editor to do what they need in terms of keybinding. For beta, it means a lot of work for them restructuring their XUL. For post beta, and perhaps post 5.0, we really need action sheets or the competing MS technology (don't remember the name).  We realized keybinding is just a special case of these things. (saari, akkana, brade, tague, rod, joki)
  9. Implemented  a change in the way event flow works for webshell and frames.  This was blocking context menus and xpmenu dismissal. (hyatt)
  10. Working on xpmenu dismissal, close to being able to dismiss by clicking in active window.  Still need to add support for clicking elsewhere. (hyatt)
  1. M11 bugs, any features that don't make the deadline, but are still approved for checkin.
  2. Hook up system grab for scrollbars, and splitter. (evaughan)
  3. Fix more memory leaks. (pavlov)
  4. Get window.cursor support added so you can show a state from the cursor, like busy. (pavlov)
  5. Performance. (pavlov)
  6. XPmenu dismissal. (saari, hyatt)
  7. Heal those hands!  (hyatt)
  8. Mac performance. (sdagley)
    Mac seems to be slipping behind the platform parity curve.  It might help if we were more clear about platform specific responsibilities, one of the few things we handled better in the old FE world.
  • David Hyatt's hands hurt too much to type.  If you think you can take over any of his bugs, or are willing to donate use of  your hands for an hour, please volunteer, preferably by leaving him voicemail.


Mike Shaver writes:

  • Added accesskey support to titledbuttons, to do underlining like in the menus
  • Changed the menus to use titledbuttons instead of the <div>Open File</div> insanity. This lets you change menu text and accesskey stuff dynamically
  • Also, I'm going to turn on JS components today
September 17
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>

'nuthin but bug fixing :-)

September 17
Submitted by Christopher Blizzard <>

I've put xlib on the back burner and have starting hacking on gtk again in preparation for beta. I'm hoping that I will have Owen's code integrated and tested enough to have it ready for beta. If you're interested in the progress you can update your widget/src/gtk/ directory with the DIE_GTKLAYOUT_DIE branch. It should build and work for about 5 seconds before crashing. I just started putting together this code last night. I should have something really worth testing at the end of the weekend.

Internationalization & Localization
September 17
Submitted by Yung-Fong Tang <>

Basic Support:

1. I add ToNewUTF8String method nsString, so now is very easy to convert nsString and/or PRUnichar* to UTF8

2. I add nsTextFormater (mozilla/xpcom/ds ) to support PRUnichar* version of snprintf. It add %S for PRUnichar*, use %s for UTF8 string and also support positioning argument "%2$s %1$s" as prprf.c did. Use it to do PRUnichar* formating. Also you can use it to convert from UTF-8 to PRUnichar*

I18N features:

1. Thanks to harishd's help, now View Page Source work for non ISO-8859-1 page which have META tag (or HTTP header charset) !!!

2. Thanks for Xu, Yueheng's contribution; we added the new implementation of GB2312 converter and a brand new GBK converter for Simplified Chinese.

3. Thanks to a contribution from Sun, Linux IME can now support Japanese input with Root Window and/or Over-The-Spot input style.

4. With great work from Naoki and mail team, we can send/view attachments with different charsets.

5. Address book can show Japanese and Latin1 at the same time with internatinal sorting (e.g. N?oki comes before Naoko). Candice and Naoki should take the credit.


September 17
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Last week

  • 91 bugs fixed (16 by engineers in other groups)
  • Performance of opening folders is very close to 4.6 (!)
  • Performance of message display is better without some unnecessary disk I/O
  • Prefs and profile migration are much improved. You can create and edit prefs completely with the Seamonkey UI.
  • Contributed to command updating infrastructure and implemented in mail/news
  • Address Book stores data in any charset, and sorts and displays correctly
  • Helping installer team with Mac profile migration
  • Bug fixes in message composition, and typing performance in the editor is much improved

Next week
  • M11 bug list
  • Hopefully, work on reducing memory usage will land
  • Performance and usability remain the top priorities (higher than feature work)

  • Code only: Win32: 1250k, Mac: 2337k, Linux: 2627k
  • Estimate of Win32 download size (compressed, including all chrome, typelibs, code): 1373k
September 17
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Scott Furman added a feature to LiveConnect in the C JavaScript engine so that it can now pass JavaScript arrays as arguments to Java methods.

Kurt Westerfeld contributed code that implements the same functionality in Rhino. Kurt also contributed some changes to make embedding the Rhino shell possible. (Rhino is an embeddable JavaScript interpreter written in pure Java.) Kurt has also contributed improvements to Rhino's error reporting mechanism, and has proposed changes to make Java bean properties visible as JavaScript properties. (see the JavaScript language development newsgroup for details)

Waldemar Horwat has landed ECMA-262 Edition 3 number formatting methods toFixed, toExponential and toPrecision for JavaScript. These each take one argument and round the number to either that many decimal places or dignificant digits before converting to a string. In the process of implementing these functions, Waldemar has fixed several long-standing errors in floating-point reading and writing code.

Waldemar has also made the stand-alone JavaScript shell work as a Macintosh MPW tool.

September 17
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

John Bandhauer is fixing bugs and working on support for passing arrays through XPConnect. Mike McCabe is working on quashing some longstanding xpidl bugs.

September 17
Submitted by Roger B. Sidje <>

I have added a progress report on the MathML project page. The report summarizes the current status of the MathML project and provides implementation details. A number of illustrative screenshoots accompany the explanations.

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