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status update

maintained by Chris Nelson <>

Last Updated Sunday, September 12, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

Previous Updates

Friends of the Tree for cleaning up various header files to use the NS_DECL_NSIFOO macros. - Seth Spitzer

Thanks to Chet Murphy <> at Modelworks Software for the windows disk space function. - Doug Turner

Toshok <> for fixing (or finding workarounds for) large issues blocking Solaris, Purify and FreeBSD work. - Bruce Mitchener

vidur <> for tackling the webshell leaks in spite of his huge bug list. - Bruce Mitchener

Module Updates
September 13
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Resolved 37 bugs in the last week, fixing 14 of them.  See our Bug List  for details.
  • We are re-prioritizing work on Drag and Drop to delay it until until post-M13.  We just found out that past delays on this work had already caused our primary customer for drag&drop, the mail/news team, to drop plans to use D&D for beta.  Tree drag & drop had been a requirement for M11, but consensus is that its only use in the browser (rearranging bookmarks) is not critical, and our customers would rather we spent the time making the current infrastructure faster and more stable.  If anyone still needs tree drag&drop in M11, please let us know immediately.
  • For similar reasons, the Font Widget is being delayed until post-M13.  We don't think this will adversely affect any team, but if you disagree please let us know.
  1. Got toolbar d&d ready and hooked up to rdf. (pinkerton, rjc)
  2. Got tooltips working again. (pinkerton, hyatt)
  3. Profiled text copying and found the huge time sinks are in the parser, not the clipboard code. (pinkerton)
  4. Finished and checked in splitter. (evaughan)
  5. Added visual debugging to boxes. (evaughan)
  6. revamped the keybind code to conform to the newly agreed upon key event stuff, but the events themselves are still horked (see problems). (saari)
  7. Make gfx use isupports macros. (pavlov)
  8. Worked with i18n people and sun people to get XIM code in the tree so you could type using weird keyboards on unix. (pavlov)
  9. Have nsIWidget declared in IDL but not checked in yet. (pavlov)
  10. Got XP popup menus, context menus, and tooltips back online.  (hyatt)

  1. Fix remaining M10 features, and M11 bugs & features.
  2. Performance measurement and enhancement. (hyatt)
  3. Update documentation. (saari, et. al.)
  4. nsIEventQueue. (danm)
  5. Window targeting issues. (danm)
  6. Checkin splitter. (evaughan)
  7. Improve box performance. (evaughan)
  8. Fix browser dialog problems. (evaughan)
  9. Profile format converters for akkana. (pinkerton)
  10. Fix XIM code so that it works properly. (pavlov)
  11. Make gtk gfx use xshm so that it is super fast. (pavlov)
  12. Fix unix drawing problems. (pavlov)
  13. Use X session managment to store the window geometry and work with xpapps to make sure all windows behave properly. (pavlov)
  14. Fix memory leaks and make things faster. (pavlov)
  15. Make solaris work again so that I can run purify and quantify on some machine. (pavlov)
  16. Figure out the whole capture mouse mess with hyatt. (pavlov)
  17. Handle key events correctly on Mac. (saari)
  18. Get XPMenus dismissing correctly. (hyatt)
  19. Show/hide columns in trees. (hyatt)
  20. Re-enable context menus and tooltips. (hyatt)
  21. Make XP menus properly dismiss. (hyatt)
  • Still not able to turn on GFX scrollbars due to  Linux scolling issues. But Ramiro is working to fix it.  (evaughan, ramiro)
  • Most everyone feels it, but Pavlov said it best: I'm confused as to what I should be working on.  I have lots of performance issues and bugs which I assume I should be working on, but a firm list of things that are required for M11 would be really really really useful.


September 10
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>

I landed some work this week that improves our css2 line-layout compliance which closed several bugs.

I also have landed some work (a start) on improved accuracy of incremental reflow that fixes several bugs as well.

September 10
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Work this week has concentrated on making the gfx text widgets (which are now turned on by default) stable and usable. All text fields and text areas in the browser are now implemented by the editor. Use them, and file bugs if anything isn't working right!

Meanwhile, we've been cleaning up old issues with rules code, XUL UI code, selection, and performance.

Memory Management and Leaks
September 10
Submitted by Bruce Mitchener <>
  • toshok has found a workaround to the Purify-blocker bug (#13030).
  • Vidur fixed numerous leaks of the webshell, removing a large amount of noise from the Purify reports.
  • Suresh continues his excellent work on mail/news.
  • Beth Epperson's QA team is in the process of getting a dedicated NT machine for doing Purify work on both the browser and ender.
  • Rick Potts is investigating Necko ownership issues causing leaks.
  • Mike Shaver fixed many leaks in the component manager code.
September 10
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Last week

  • 38 bugs fixed and features implemented (9 by engineers in other groups)
  • Performance of opening mail folders is much better thanks to Scott Putterman, David Bienvenu and Chris Waterson.
  • Worked on design for integrating mail migration tools
  • Added a generic way to get headers out of loaded messages, which opens up all sorts of features, like reply-to, followup-to-poster, mail-copies-to and on and on.
  • Lots of little cleanup and bug fixing in the address book
  • Moved the Mork database out of mozilla/mailnews so History can use it without needing to build the mailnews tree.
Next week
  • Performance of loading messages will improve when we take the temp file out and hook up the stream converters.
  • Mork memory usage should be reduced, which should help reduce swapping and improve performance
  • M11 bug list
  • Win32: 1237k, Mac: 2285k, Linux: 2584k.
  • To get a feel for our compressed size, I zipped up all of our chrome, typelibs, and Win32 DLLs, and the zip file was 1388k.


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