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Last Updated Monday, September 6, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

Bruce Mitchener <> lots of checkins to fix problems he found while Purifying.. - Seth Spitzer

Module Updates
September 6
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Resolved 56 bugs in the last week, fixing 45 of them.  See our resolved bug list  for details.
  • Despite another week of substantial accomplishments, we still have 135 bugs and features targetted for M10,  as shown in our  M10 bug list .  We haven't moved them to M11 because they were targetted for M10 due to other developers needing them to do their M11 tasks, and we don't want to lose that prioritization.  We are working furiously to close these, and move on to M11 tasks and bugs.
  1.  Window intrinsic sizing on demand is finished, and ready to be checked in when the tree opens. (danm)
  2. XP splitter is substantially done, checkin imminent. (evaughan)
  3. Lowercased d&d/transferable api's to match JS conventions. (pinkerton)
  4. Hooked up drag events to JS in XUL. (pinkerton)
  5. Rewrote toolbar drag gesture in JS. You can now start a drag from JS and it works just like c++. (pinkerton)
  6. Rewrote toolbar drop code in JS and removed c++. (pinkerton)
  7. Tweaked hyatt's code to get popup menus working on all platforms. (pavlov)
  8. Wrote inital drag and drop code for unix. (pavlov)
  9. Checked in color picker widget with 3 different palettes. (pavlov)
  10. Made color picker obey CSS width and height changes. (pavlov)
  11. Cleaned up all of the gtk widget code to use the correct macros for Query Interface, etc.  (pavlov)
  12. Made xpmenus faster on unix.  (pavlov)
  13. Got fonts on unix to be readable by changing the default DPI settings to something that the X server has fonts for. (pavlov)
  14. Keybinding should be usable now, as long as the key events are working "correctly" on that platform. (saari)
  15. Implemented column resizing in the tree view. (hyatt)
  16. Implemented support for proportional widths in the tree view. (hyatt)
  1. nsIEventQueue. (danm)
  2. Window targeting issues. (danm)
  3. Checkin splitter. (evaughan)
  4. Turn on GFX scrollbars. (evaughan)
  5. Help xpapps with dialog issues. (evaughan)
  6. Begin tree drag and drop. (pinkerton)
  7. Get nsIWidget::Capture mouse working on unix. (pavlov)
  8. Get rid of garbage under menus on unix. (pavlov)
  9. Make things faster by optimizing much of the native drawing and positioning code and removing old code that was slowing us down. (pavlov)
  10. Make damn sure that we come out of the Tues. 1pm meeting with a clear, functional spec for key events across platforms. (saari, akkana, brade, tague, rod, joki)
  11. Start working on XPMenus. (saari)
  12. Pick up Pav's dnd changes and get links to start dragging.  Might need pink's help here. (mcafee)
  13. Show/hide columns in trees. (hyatt)
  14. Re-enable context menus and tooltips. (hyatt)
  15. Make XP menus properly dismiss. (hyatt)


Internationalization and Localization
September 3
Submitted by Yung-Fong Tang <>

I added the following feature this week:

1. XML encoding (specified in Appendix F of XML 1.0) detection got implemented. Now we will detect BOM (Byte Order Mark) for Unicode for all document and encoding= parameter in <?xml for XML documents.

2. We integrated code contributed by Deogtae Kim  <> and Jungshik Shin  <> to render Unicode Precomposed Hangul on Linux by using hanterm font.

September 3
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>
I landed a nice bug fix last night, thanks to friends like David Baron <> and Ian Hickson <> which fixes up loads of pages that use vertically stacked images (e.g. -- there is a vertical stack of images on the left hand side of the page that used to have gaps in them). The bug turns out to have been an issue between compatability and obeying css2's expected behavior. Fun! I also did some work to track down abusers of nsString. See netscape.public.mozilla.xpcom for a long thread on that one. There should be a slight improvement in apprunner's speed from all this.
September 3
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

We now have a catch-all dogfood bug: for usability issues. You can use Bugzilla's "Show dependency tree" feature to get a list of all the known dogfood bugs. If you have usability issues which aren't on this list, please file them and add them to the dependencies for bug 12658.

XUL key bindings are switched on. There are still some issues to be resolved. Watch the editor and xpfe newsgroups for more discussion.

Lots of work has been going on to make the editor-based gfx text widget usable; they're working pretty well now, and will be turned on by default soon. You can get a preview by turning on gfx widgets via the prefs dialog (last item on the first page). Try it, see if it works for you, file bugs if it doesn't!

September 3
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

This week

  • 62 bugs fixed and features implemented (11 by engineers in other groups)
  • Account Manager can create accounts and edit them (no more hand-editing the prefs)
  • Address Book import from LDIF is implemented
  • Compose window: From field is now filled in, and replies have "mozilla wrote:" around the quoted material, focus issues fixed
  • Scroll bars look much better (thanks to hyatt)
  • Thread pane and message pane now take up the whole window when you resize
Next week
  • M11 bugs and features
  • Hooking up stream converters should make message display faster
  • Hopefully, improvements in hot dogfood issues like 12289 and 7426
  • Win32: 9070k (13128 filed on this bloat), Mac: 2266k, Linux: 2549k


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