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Get Started in Mozilla Site Evangelism

Understand QA

Always use normal Mozilla QA procedures when dealing with non-Site Evangelism bugs.

Before you can help in Mozilla Site Evangelism, you must understand the Quality Assurance process for The following documents describe the general QA processes for Read and Understand. Messing around with Product related bugs in bugzilla without knowing what you are doing, can lead to a loss of reputation and a loss of privileges. Always defer to the Component owners, Bug owners and regular contributors and be certain you know what you are doing before changing a product bug.

You can also visit #mozillazine on to meet other members of the Mozilla Community and get involved.

Understand Mozilla Site Evangelism procedures

A Site Evangelism bug is very different from normal bugs in bugzilla for one major reason: A Site Evangelism bug tracks the need to convince a third party to change their content rather tracking the need for a contributer to fix a product issue or add a new feature. For this reason, Site Evangelism uses different processes than are used in other products and components in bugzilla.

Read more about Mozilla Site Evangelism procedures.

You can also visit #evangelism on to meet other members of the Site Evangelism Community and get involved.