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About Mozilla Site Evangelism

An overview

Site Evangelism is the process of triaging Tech Evangelism bugs in, determining the authoring errors commited by the site's authors, providing the site's authors with a diagnosis and recommendations (possibly complete solutions) to increase their support for the W3C Standards, Mozilla and standards-compliant browsers in general.

Site Evangelism is important to the success of Mozilla since a failure of sites to properly support Mozilla can be a cause for users to reject Mozilla.


Tech Evangelism bugs

Tech Evangelism in Bugzilla is separate from the other projects. This is due to it's fundamental difference from so-called product bugs. A product bug is either a problem or request for enhancement of the software produced by one the the projects while a technology evangelism bug is a report that Mozilla does not work properly with a web site or other product due to errors in the web site's or product's design or construction.

This difference is fundamental. has control over whether product bugs in's projects are fixed however has no control over external web sites or products.

Tech Evangelism bugs originate in one of two ways:

  1. A reporter notices that a web site or product does not function in Mozilla and files a product bug against one of the projects. Typically the reporter does not understand why the site or product fails. All they know is that it does not work in Mozilla.

    A member of the community triages the bug and determines that the problem is due to a fault in the design or construction of the web site or product and reassigns the bug to Tech Evangelism bugzilla product with the appropriate geographic component.

    Please note that incorrectly filing Tech Evangelism issues against the projects distracts talented engineers from actually working on the Mozilla browser and the other projects. For this reason, it is important to understand how to properly file both product bugs and Tech Evangelism bugs.

  2. A reporter notices a web site or product does not function in Mozilla and files a Tech Evangelism bug against the site or product. In this case, the reporter understands and can provide some rationale behind the assignment of the bug to Tech Evangelism.

Various members of the Mozilla Technology Evangelism community own the different Components of the Tech Evangelism bugzilla product. These members coordinate the evangelism of sites in different geographic areas around the world. This organization by geographic location and language helps to attract contributors who understand the culture and language of the web site's authors.

Once a Tech Evangelism bug is filed, the focus is upon educating the site or product's authors on how to properly create content which is supported by standards-compliant browsers in general and the Mozilla family of browsers in particular.

Members of the Mozilla Technology Evangelism community triage Tech Evangelism bugs, determine the site or product's design or implementation failures, locate contact information for the site or product's authors, develop recommendations or alternate implementations which would support Mozilla, and contact the site or product's authors.

The goal is to educate the author about the benefits of supporting standards and Mozilla and provide them the resources to learn how to do so.