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About Technology Evangelism

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is a suite of applications which includes a standards-based Web browser, an e-mail/news Client, and an IRC client as well as a toolkit for developing cross-platform, Internet-based applications. The Mozilla toolkit is the basis for not only the Mozilla browser but also Netscape 6, Netscape 7, CompuServe 7, Firefox, Galeon, and Camino, all of which embed Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine.

What is Technology Evangelism?

In the simplest terms, Technology Evangelism is the promotion of a specific technology. However, this simple view misses the scope and importance of Technology Evangelism. In order for Mozilla to succeed, we cannot rely on the adage, If we build it they will come, but we must instead actively promote Mozilla in every way possible. To do otherwise is to invite an unwelcome fate.

Our Mission

Our mission, as Mozilla Technology Evangelists, is to actively promote Mozilla as the premier Internet client technology in the world. We accomplish our mission through working within the community to develop working examples, author documentation, perform general education, and educate Web site authors through one-on-one contacts.

Our mission is not an easy one. We are faced with a world where a single company dominates the marketplace for both computer operating systems, development tools, and Web browsers. Only by leveraging our strengths and working together as a team do we have a hope of overcoming the competition. Our strengths are the open nature of our project, the standards upon which our technologies are founded, our ability to support operating systems ranging from Windows and Macintosh to Linux and Solaris, and the fact that Mozilla is a great browser.