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Package org.mozilla.jss.pkix.crmf

The PKIX CRMF protocol.


Class Summary
CertId CRMF CertId.
CertId.Template A Template for decoding a CertId.
CertReqMsg This class models a CRMF CertReqMsg structure.
CertReqMsg.Template A class for decoding CertReqMsg structures from a BER encoding.
CertRequest A PKIX CertRequest.
CertRequest.Template A Template class for constructing CertRequests from their BER encoding.
CertTemplate This class models a CRMF CertTemplate structure.
CertTemplate.Template A class for decoding CertTemplates.
Control A CRMF Control.
Control.Template A template class for decoding a Control from a BER stream.
EncryptedKey.Template A Template for decoding BER-encoded EncryptedKeys.
EncryptedKey.Type The type of EncryptedKey.
EncryptedValue The CRMF structure EncryptedValue for storing the encrypted key to be archived.
EncryptedValue.Template A Template class for decoding BER-encoded EncryptedValues.
PKIArchiveOptions.Template A template for decoding PKIArchiveOptions.
PKIArchiveOptions.Type A type of PKIArchiveOption.
PKIPublicationInfo CRMF PKIPublicationInfo: PKIPublicationInfo ::= SEQUENCE { action INTEGER { dontPublish (0), pleasePublish (1) }, pubInfos SEQUENCE SIZE (1..MAX) OF SinglePubInfo OPTIONAL } SinglePubInfo ::= SEQUENCE { pubMethod INTEGER { dontCare (0), x500 (1), web (2), ldap (3) }, pubLocation GeneralName OPTIONAL }
PKIPublicationInfo.Template A Template for decoding a PKIPublicationInfo.
POPOPrivKey CRMF POPOPrivKey: POPOPrivKey ::= CHOICE { thisMessage [0] BIT STRING, subsequentMessage [1] SubsequentMessage, dhMAC [2] BIT STRING } SubsequentMessage ::= INTEGER { encrCert (0), challengeResp (1) }
POPOPrivKey.Template A Template for decoding a POPOPrivKey.
POPOPrivKey.Type The type of POPOPrivKey.
POPOSigningKey CRMF POPOSigningKey: POPOSigningKey ::= SEQUENCE { poposkInput [0] POPOSigningKeyInput OPTIONAL, algorithmIdentifier AlgorithmIdentifier, signature BIT STRING }
POPOSigningKey.Template A Template for decoding POPOSigningKey.
ProofOfPossession CRMF ProofOfPossession: ProofOfPossession ::= CHOICE { raVerified [0] NULL, signature [1] POPOSigningKey, keyEncipherment [2] POPOPrivKey, keyAgreement [3] POPOPrivKey }
ProofOfPossession.Template A Template for decoding a ProofOfPossession.
ProofOfPossession.Type The type of ProofOfPossesion.

Exception Summary
ChallengeResponseException An exception thrown when challenge response pop is requested.

Package org.mozilla.jss.pkix.crmf Description

The PKIX CRMF protocol.