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Package org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cms

Creating and interpeting CMS blobs.


Class Summary
ContentInfo A PKCS #7 ContentInfo structure.
ContentInfo.Template A template for decoding a ContentInfo blob
DigestedData.Template A Template for decoding BER-encoded DigestData items.
DigestInfo.Template A class for decoding the BER encoding of a DigestInfo.
EncapsulatedContentInfo A CMS EncapsulatedContentInfo structure.
EncapsulatedContentInfo.Template A template for decoding a EncapsulatedContentInfo blob
EncryptedContentInfo The PKCS #7 type EncryptedContentInfo, which encapsulates encrypted data.
EncryptedContentInfo.Template A template file for decoding a EnvelopedData blob
EncryptedData The PKCS #7 structure EncryptedData.
EncryptedData.Template A Template for decoding EncryptedData items.
EnvelopedData.Template A template file for decoding a EnvelopedData blob
IssuerAndSerialNumber An issuer name and serial number, used to uniquely identify a certificate.
IssuerAndSerialNumber.Template A template for decoding an IssuerAndSerialNumber from its BER encoding.
RecipientInfo.Template A template file for decoding a RecipientInfo blob
SignedAndEnvelopedData.Template A Template class for decoding BER-encoded SignedAndEnvelopedData items.
SignedData A CMS SignedData structure.
SignedData.Template A template file for decoding a SignedData blob
SignerIdentifier CMS SignerIdentifier: SignerIdentifier ::= CHOICE { issuerAndSerialNumber IssuerAndSerialNumber, subjectKeyIdentifier [0] SubjectKeyIdentifier }
SignerIdentifier.Template A Template for decoding a SignerIdentifier.
SignerIdentifier.Type The type of SignerIdentifier.
SignerInfo A CMS SignerInfo.
SignerInfo.Template A template for decoding a SignerInfo blob

Package org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cms Description

Creating and interpeting CMS blobs.