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Mozbot Roadmap

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You can tell when a mozbot bug is slated to be fixed from its Target Milestone field.

Mozbot releases are in no way date driven. When the bug list for a release reaches Zarro Boogs is when we ship, not before. The answer to the question "when will mozbot x be released" is "when its ready".

Mozbot 2.6

The next release. The criteria for this release are a bit unclear.

Mozbot 2.6 Blockers: These are the bugs that will definitely be fixed in the mozbot 2.6 release.

Mozbot 2.8

Another release. No criteria have been set yet.

Mozbot 2.8 Blockers: These are the bugs that will definitely be fixed in the mozbot 2.8 release.

Mozbot 2.10

A release a long time in the future.

Mozbot 2.10 Blockers: These are the bugs that will definitely be fixed in the mozbot 2.10 release.


There are several bugs that we don't really plan on fixing. We always welcome patches, of course.

Bugs in this category are almost all enhancement requests (typically for new modules).

Future: These are the bugs that will not definitely be fixed in any planned mozbot release.

Untargetted Bugs

Some bugs may not yet been targetted. We try to keep this list at a minimum

A Word on Version Numbers

We only place tarballs of even-numbered minor versions on the FTP server. The minor version is the number after the first decimal point. If we feel the need to release an interim version for security fixes that can't wait, we'll add an additional number on the end, to which this rule doesn't apply. The installed version used by kerz on (and the most recent CVS version, which is a slightly newer version than the installed version) always have an odd-numbered minor version. If you want to get exactly the code that kerz is running, you're out of luck (he might have made minor changes just like everyone else), but you can get pretty close by using CVS, and the minor version number will be odd. If you want a more stable release, you can use a tarball, and the minor version number will be even.

You can tell what version of mozbot a bot is based on from its help line or the response it gives to a CTCP VERSION message (the latter only works for more recent releases).

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