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Mozbot: A multipurpose, extensible, modular Perl bot

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Where to start

The best place to start learning about mozbot is the FAQ, followed by asking us on IRC (specifically, #mozwebtools on

Note that if your question is "waah, it won't connect, it asks if I am sure it's a valid host" then you should please read the relevant question in the FAQ.

Mozbot news

Mozbot 2.4 is out! Things to look for since the last release:
  • The KookBot module ("Think about the tyranny, malignant and unjust, and how it compares with truthful rational approach.").
  • An XML Logging Module (see the sample output).
  • A Conversion module (for converting hex to decimal, Fahrenheit to Centigrade, and so on).
  • A Magic Eight Ball module.
  • Mozbot now checks to see if it really joined a channel instead of blindly assuming it has.
  • Added friendliness in the Infobot and Greeting modules.
There are also several other minor fixes that should make module development easier (you can now send /notices, for instance -- see the documentation). Download the source tarball or read the instructions for updating mozbot using CVS and have fun!
Mozbot 2.2 is out! We recently added a Personal List Module, a Quiz Module, and some minor fixes to stop mozbot flooding the network when a tinderbox server goes down. Grab the source tarball and start chatting!
The Infobot module made it in at last! We also got an often-requested feature implemented in the God module, namely proper IRC hostmasks, thanks to Jake.
Lots of activity over the past few weeks, in preparation for the release of mozbot 2.2! Highlights: Stocks module, !seen, lots of bug fixes. There's lots more to come, but they need reviews.

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