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Hacking Mozbot

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So you want to help us hack mozbot? Excellent!

Getting Started

First, you will want to get the latest mozbot source from CVS.

The easiest way to get into mozbot hacking is to fix a bug. (It is a lot easier to start by poking around in code that already works rather than trying to write new code from scratch.)

If you want some other ideas of something to implement, look for XXX comments in the source.


If you are interested in writing or hacking modules, take a look at the API documentation.

The easiest way to write a new module is to take an existing one that does something similar to what you want to do, save it with a new name, and start ripping code out. That will also help to keep the coding style similar throughout mozbot's source.

If you want to browse the source code online before contributing, you can do so using the LXR interface to CVS.

The Team

The mozbot team is a poorly defined group of people. The module owner is Hixie. The other people involved with mozbot at the moment include: Jake, justdave, kerz, kiko, timeless, and zach. Some of us are also Bugzilla hackers.

Mozbot development occurs primarily in #mozwebtools.


Before any patch may be checked into the mozbot source, it must be reviewed by Hixie. To get a patch reviewed, you attach the patch to the relevant Bugzilla bug (if none yet exists for the issue in question, please file one), and add the review keyword. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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