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Registering a Mozilla L10n project

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If you want to register as an official Mozilla L10n team, follow these steps:


  • What you need to get started:
    1. Check to see if there's already a team registered to localize your intended product (Firefox, Thunderbird or the Application Suite).
    2. Find your locale code, see our locale names document.
    3. Have a valid e-mail address ready.

What to do

  • These are the steps you need to take:
    1. Subscribe to the mailing-list, or to its newsgroup mirror Note that posts made to the newsgroup are copied to the mailing list, and vice versa.
      Any important announcements will be posted here.
    2. File a bug in Bugzilla - product "Mozilla Localizations", component "Registration & Management". State in tha bug report:
      • the product you want to localize
      • the language + country code
      • your contact details (name + e-mail, web-page if available).
    3. For official Firefox localizations, the owner-to-be will also need to file a bug requesting CVS access [If you do not have commit access to the CVS repository, you must obtain access by following these directions.].


Why should I register?
Registered teams have their work hosted at Registration also helps to publicise your efforts to the widest possible audience, and prevents the duplication of effort. Official Firefox localizations are included in the CVS tree and builds for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are generated automatically.
Why must I file a bug to register my team?
Using bugzilla to track these requests means everyone can see how far along the process is, and whether any further information is required from the new team.
I filed a bug, and nothing's happened. Is anyone there?
Yes, but the localizers are all volunteers, devoting what spare time we can to this. Before you get too annoyed, make sure it's not a major holiday, or it's not just before a big product release.
If there's been a very long period of inaction, then ask, or in