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Mozilla Localization Project Documentation

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Documents about's projects localization:

Mozilla Localization Project Documentation. The file you're reading, collecting pointers to useful documentation for localizers.
Further readings Links to specs and tecnologies related to Mozilla user interface.

How to localize Mozilla products. Describe the steps to get involved in the community as localizers, and have your work published here.
Register as MLP contributor(s)
Download a Mozilla build
Work on the files
Use Localization/Leveraging tool and glossary files
Package everything back
QA your work. Hits and strategies to test the localization work.
Submit the localization to

Mozilla localization quick guide. A step by step tutorial for the localization of Mozilla, without the use of a specific localization tool.

Firefox localization howto. A step by step tutorial for the localization of Mozilla Firefox, using Mozilla Translator, plus packaging instructions.
Localizing Mozilla Firefox with Mozilla Translator
Importing an exixting Mozilla Translator glossary
Export the localization in jar files
Creating an installable language package
Creating a localized full build

Mozilla localization technical details. Goes deeper in the internal working of a typical Mozilla language pack.
Mozilla Localizable resources
Localizable text files. Notes about the localizable string resources file formats, and editing requirements.
Introduction to the Mozilla Chrome
How to register the localizable resources
Structure of one registrable package
Creating a new locale package
Having the package registered
Creating a simple XPI language pack
Packing the resources in JAR files
Preparing the installation script
Putting everything in the XPI package
How to choose the regional locale code?

Mozilla products distribution formats
Mozilla Firefox
Packaging Instructions: Firefox for Mac OS X
Creating a compressed Firefox build

Localization and troubleshooting FAQ Covers the most commonly asked questions on the n.p.m.l10n newsgroup.

Translation Glossary & References
Glossary Files from previous releases Communicator 4.51 glossaries with localization work made by Netscape towards many languages.
More Glossaries and References materials. A collection of links to other IT examples of localization.

Further readings

Here follows a short list to the most important technologies Mozilla is based on, and its user interface infrastructure uses.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards:
XML eXtensible Markup Language
RDF Resource Description Framework
XSL eXtensible Stylesheet Language
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
DOM Document Object Model technologies:
XUL XML User Interface Language
XPI Cross Platform Installer
XBL eXtensible Binding Language
Netscape Java Script
The Unicode Consortium
ECMA Script, ECMA specification 262