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Mozilla Localization Project

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What's MLP ?

The Mozilla Organization works to create an open sourced web browser, designed for standard compliance, performance, and portability. Mozilla Localization Project, abbreviated as MLP, tries to help and ease the availability of products toward different world cultures and languages through the support of the open source community.

This project is focused toward software localization (shortened to l10n), that is the task of software enabling to a specific language and culture. Localization often uses the underlying internationalization (i18n) work, that is the software infrastructure to support different culture interaction and communication between the user and a program. That latter work is covered by the i18n team.


The goals of the Mozilla Localization Project are

  1. Advocate the localization of products into any world language.
  2. Facilitate and encourage international users to use localized products.
  3. Provide technical documentation for products localization.
  4. Establish channels of communication among localization contributors.
  5. Coordinate localization effort to prevent redundant effort.
  6. Monitor the evolution of the Mozilla browser technology and ensure the localizability of the browser client.
  7. Keep track of the status of various localization projects.

Covered projects

The MLP hosts localized material for a continually increasing number of different languages. Check here whether it is available a version of the program you need in your language of choice:

How to contribute

Living inside the Open Source community of, MLP couldn't be anything else than volunteers driven. If you think one of our products should be available in your language, you're probably the best person to make it happen. Or the right person to help people already working on this task.

You can start following the steps described in "How to localize Mozilla" to get in touch with our community. The document focuses on Mozilla based products, containing the basic steps to start a new localization project and how to let us know you're working on it.

Distributing Mozilla on UNIX

Masaki Katakai with Sun is kindly enough to provide the instruction of packaging Mozilla for network distribution. See his document here.

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