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Mozilla Firefox Project

Current Release

Firefox 2 (October 24, 2006)

Archived Releases

Prior versions of Firefox

Project Links

Firefox 3 - Gran Paradiso Planning Center.

The Firefox 1.0 Charter outlines the reasons behind this project, and its goals.

Developer Links

Downloading Firefox Source Code
Firefox-specific source lives under "mozilla/browser", "mozilla/toolkit", and "mozilla/chrome" in the repository.

How to Build Firefox - instructions and configuration.

Localize Firefox - instructions.

Firefox Extensions - development notes for the new Extensions system.

Firefox Review Requirements - for all checkins to the mozilla/browser directory.
Toolkit Review Requirements - for all checkins to the mozilla/toolkit and mozilla/chrome directories.

Quality Assurance - testing platform. Work in progress.

QA Tests for various features. Deprecated.

User Interface

User Interface documentation and specifications.

Old Documents

1.0 Development Roadmap - outlines milestones and strategy in releasing Firefox 1.0.

2.0 Development Roadmap - outlines 2.0 plans and priorities.

Shell Integration - a cross platform shell integration system.

Help Wanted

We always need Heavy Lifters in code. If you're excited about web browser technology, why not get involved in the premier Open Source browser project? We're especially looking for people with skills in Mac OS X programming and Windows developers. Get started today by finding and fixing something. Instructions are not provided here since figuring out how to do all of this can be considered part of the "entry requirements". ;-)