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Localizing Firefox

Author: Benjamin Smedberg <>

Building a Localized Firefox

By default, the Firefox source tree pulls and builds only the English (en-US) localized files. If you wish to build Firefox in another language, you must pull some extra files from CVS and supply special options in your .mozconfig:

Pulling non-English locales from CVS

In your .mozconfig file, add the following lines (where ab-CD are the language codes you wish to checkout):

mk_add_options MOZ_CO_LOCALES="en-US ab-CD ab-CD"

If you have write access to the l10n CVSROOT, configure LOCALES_CVSROOT:


Building a non-English Firefox

In your .mozconfig file, add the following line:

ac_add_options --enable-ui-locale=ab-CD

During development cycles where there is not a l10n-freeze, the non-English locales may not work correctly.

Guides For Localization

Firefox Localization Teams

The Firefox Localization Teams are listed on the L10n Wiki page.