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Mozilla ports

Many different groups are planning ports of Mozilla to new platforms and toolkits. This page contains a list of all known-active ports of Mozilla, as well as how to find out more about them. The Tinderbox Ports page lets you check the build status for various platforms. If you set up an automated build machine for your port we can add it to the tinderbox page.

As with other Mozilla-derived projects, if you are organizing a serious porting effort of some kind, and would like us to host the web pages and mailing lists about that project here on, let's talk.

Pages for the following porting efforts are currently hosted here. Note that these pages are maintained by others, not by the staff of

  • QtMozilla, maintaining the TrollTech Qt Toolkit port.
  • Fizzilla, a port to Mac OS X using Carbon instead of Cocoa (Yellow Box).
  • OS/2, a port to the IBM's OS/2 operating system.
  • BeOS, a port to BeOS and its successors, such as Haiku and ZETA.

Off-site links

  • Irix, a port to the Irix operating system.
  • OpenVMS, a port to the OpenVMS operating system.
  • Troll Tech ported the Unix front-end to their product, the Qt toolkit (another Motif alternative).
  • Jazilla is an open-source Java based development project aiming to create a web browser in pure Java. The code and most of the design is based on Mozilla, the open-source version of Netscape Navigator.
  • Far more interesting on the Java front is Steve Wynne's page investigating the task of plugging a free Java implementation back in to Mozilla (Outdated from Internet Archive).
  • mozAmiga, a port to the new Amiga DE (Digital Environment).
  • Unix Porting Project - Firefox is a porting effort for the Acorn RISC OS platform.

Do you know of other porting efforts? Let us know!