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First, I know there is already a page at TrollTech about this same effort. This page is about the Open Source community pursuing that effort in order to get the latest Mozilla running with the Qt toolkit as it seems that TrollTech has slowed/ceased active maintenance.

Some people have expressed interests in having both Qt 3.x and 2.x supported. I personally don't see a reason not too has the original port was made through the Qt 2.x I believe. Therefore we would need to implement a system supporting both versions.

As another goal, we should target the support of Mozilla with the Qt embedded toolkit such as Qtopia so that one could run stripped down version of Mozilla using the gecko engine on PDA-like device.


25 Feb 2003 08:47, A branch has been created, QT_REBIRTH_200302022_BRANCH, which contains a qt-mozilla with working menu. KaiRo was kind enough to provide binary package on his site.

19 Feb 2003 13:21, A patch was submitted, bug #186483 by Alexander Opitz which make the menu appear. Problem still appear when a sub-menu is open and you are trying to browse its parent menu.

14 Feb 2003 09:49, More discussions with cls seems to indicate that is about to make the call to remove qt from the trunk unless someone post to bugzilla a patch making it pass the smoke-tests which is I believe what a Mozilla using the qt toolkit must do anyway. There is no time frame indicated for the staff decision yet. I also feel certain that I won't be able to deliver such patch in the next week by myself. So the Qt toolkit support will probably be move to branch in order to reduce the work load on gfx/widgets module owners.

13 Feb 2003 11:12, Our first thing to resolve is whether the Qt toolkit remains inside the trunk or gets in a branch. Timeless has mentioned that they are advantages to stay in the trunk such as the gfx team porting their fix inside most trunk's toolkits. For more information see the Bug #178987.



  • TrollTech, who created the initial port.
  • John C. Griggs
  • Bernd Rosenkränzer
  • Esben Mose Hansen
  • timeless
  • biesi
  • gisburn
  • ykoehler, but I just started, nothing done yet.

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