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Bezilla: Mozilla for BeOS

Project Goal

The Bezilla Project is a continued effort to bring Mozilla/Firefox to the BeOS platform. The primary goal of this project is to ensure that the BeOS and its successors, including but not limited to Haiku and ZETA, have a mainstream free web browser that conforms to modern open web standards.


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Contributing to Bezilla

Bezilla can use some help from anyone willing to contribute with the project. If you can code, test, write documentation or simply cheer up other members, and feel like you have the will (and time) to help out, go ahead and contact the developers by joining the Bezilla development mailing list, on the Bezilla development blog, or on the Bezilla IRC channel.

Team Members

Currently, the Bezilla Team is composed of the following members:

  • Sergei Dolgov (Fyysik): developer, widget, gfx, i18n and other parts, Mozilla SeaMonkey builds.
  • tqh: developer, BeOS-specifics of NSPR, XPCOM and low level code in Widget. Mostly Firefox-builds.
  • tb100: various occasional patches, mostly for gfx.
  • Nielx: various occasional patches, BeFox bug tracking.
  • Doug Shelton (tigerdog): testing (including building), HaikuFox theme development.

Other contributors

The following individuals also cooperate with the Bezilla Team on a regular basis.

  • Christian "biesi" Biesinger: helps with reviews, consulting and checkins
  • Josh Soref (timeless): formal owner of BeOS port
  • Wan-Teh Chang: NSPR guru who has always helped us


The Bezilla Project exists today thanks to the gracious contribution of many individuals over the years. A very special acknowledgement goes to Paul Ashford, who single-handedly kept the project alive when interest in the platform had waned to an all time low. The following people were also involved at one point or another with the project; to them, our gratitude:

  • Bradley Johnson
  • Christopher Seawood
  • Daniel Switkin
  • Duncan Wilcox
  • Justin Morey
  • Makoto Hamanaka
  • Matthew Zahorik
  • Peter Schultz
  • Richard Hess
  • Timeless
  • Yannick Koehler
  • Wade Majors

Bug Reports

If you find a bug, please submit a bug report through, making sure that you mark it as specific to BeOS. Please follow the bugzilla guidelines when submitting bugs.