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nglayout project

getting involved

When you get involved, you become a part of the NGLayout team. Together, we'll produce a layout engine that will render billions of Web pages for millions of eyeballs - this is your chance to make a real positive difference! This is an open source project, so actions speak much louder than words. Everyone can get involved, even if you don't write code. A few suggested ways to help are outlined below, but by all means feel free to contribute in whatever way you feel is best. Thanks in advance,

- The NGLayout Team, <>

NOTE: This list is always a bit out of date. Your best bet is to monitor the "layout" newsgroup and mailing list - visit the community page for info on how to get access.

  • Fix a bug - check out this list, and help out however you can.
  • Tons of bite sized projects are listed on the "DOM Projects" page and represent a terrific way to get started.
  • Attention JavaScript hackers! We're looking for DOM test cases and demos. Check out the DOM spec, our test cases, and let us know if you can help.
  • We need some classes to do postscript output. Got em?
  • It would be nice to use XIF (our I/O format) to save Web pages in other file formats, such as RTF or DOC. Send a note to kostello if you can help "Save" the Web :-)
  • More XP Widgets! We already have some widgets, but we need more to build real user interfaces. Send a note to Kevin to contribute some code in this area.
  • Testing help - publish test suites for HTML 4.0 and the Document Object Model, and be sure to let us know if you have some good tests.
  • Help Adam Lock wire up his cool IE compatibility wrapper to the existing NGLayout interfaces.
  • Wrap up the RDF BE with XPCOM interfaces - send mail to waterson if you can help.
  • XML parsing, XML processing, XSL transformations - send mail to troy and vidur if you can help.
  • Macintosh and Unix porting. We could really use your help here! Send mail to kostello if you can to help.
  • Long-term
    • Non-HTML document conversion
    • Graphics handling (new formats)
    • Multimedia graphics
    • Publishing features (toc/index generation)
    • etc.