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nglayout project


For definitive information on who owns what, consult the module owners document. This list is here for fun.

In alphabetical order...

Development: These people write code.

  • Vidur Apparao, DOM, JS
  • Troy Chevalier, Layout Lead, ngLayout design
  • Nisheeth Ranjan, Layout, XML, XSL
  • Steve Clark, <TD>Tables</TD>
  • Don Cone, Mac, Printing
  • Angus Davis, Product Manager, "Will demo for food" (he doesn't actually write code ... yet)
  • Rick Gessner, Director of Engineering, Parser, ngLayout design
  • Kipp Hickman, Content Model, NGLayout design, principal smart guy
  • Chris Karnaze, Tables, layout lead
  • Eric Pollmann, Frames, Forms
  • Peter Linss, Style System, ngLayout design
  • Harish D, Layout
  • Adam Lock, ActiveX Wrapper, IWebBrowser Compatibility Layer, IE Patcher
  • Kevin McCluskey, Printing, XP Widgets, Unix, XPFE
  • Tom Pixley, Events, DOM, JS
  • Michael Plitkins, Rendering, Printing
  • Patrick Beard, Mac, DOM
  • Pierre Saslawsky, Mac
  • Greg Scallan, Various skunkworks projcets
  • Rod Spears, Printing, XP Widgets, Unix, XPFE
  • Alex Musil, Plug-ins, OJI/Java
  • Andrew Volkov, Plug-ins, OJI/Java
  • James Clark, Expat XML parser
  • Stuart Parmenter, GTK lead
  • Steve Delaney, VXWorks port for TC-701 "SmartTV" chip

    QA: These people make sure the code works

  • David Baron, Layout bug finder extraordinaire
  • Jan Carpenter, Layout QA, Tier 1 CSS Test Suite
  • Beth Epperson, QA lead
  • Hakon Lie, CSS genius, "box model perfectionist" bug reporter :-)
  • Braden McDaniel, CSS bug finding, test cases
  • Sue Sims, Member of the WSP's CSS Samurai

    Other: These people provide other essential help

  • Daniel Nunes, Automated Debug Builds, Source Tarballs
  • Chris Nelson, Mozilla Advocacy, Status Reporting
  • Cassidy, team dog.
  • Developers Emeriti: These people have left the team, but their contributions will not be forgotten.

  • Aleks Totic, Mac
  • Judson Valeski, Netlib
  • Will Scullin, XPCOM
  • Greg Kostello, Mac/Unix Lead, libfont, editing, selection - He has since become the editor lead.
  • Jim Everingham, Modularization, Embedding, XPFE - He is now a pointy head manager type.