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DOM Projects

Last Updated 11/19/98

Looking for a bite sized NGLayout project? This could be a great way to start. Implementing the DOM is fun, and it's easy to see the benefits of your work right away. But before you dive in, send a note to Vidur and Joki to let them know what you're doing -- they'll be able to give you hints on where to get started, and answer your questions along the way. They'll also let you know if the feature you're interested in working on has already been implemented. Thanks in advance for becoming part of the NGLayout team!


 Item Estimate Owner
Factory methods on Document 2 days vidur
Completion of getElementsByTagName (wildcard support and Element::getElementsByTagName) 2 days vidur
Attributes as Nodes 3 days vidur
DocumentFragments  2 days vidur
Node::cloneNode  2 days vidur
nodeName, nodeValue, attributes table  2 days vidur
Comments  1 day vidur
normalize on Element  3 days  vidur
Text 1 day vidur
DOMImplementation object  1/2 day vidur
Node::ownerDocument  1 day vidur
Exceptions in JS 1 week joki


 Item Estimate Owner
document.write after loading of document 3 days vidur
document.body 1/2 day vidur
document.applets  5 days vidur
document.forms 1 day vidur
Head Elements
Link  2 days vidur
Base  2 days vidur
Title 1 day vidur
Meta 1 day vidur
IsIndex  1 day vidur
Body Elements
Body 1 day vidur
Lists  2 days vidur
Block elements 4 days vidur
Inline elements 4 days vidur
Areas in image maps  2 days joki
Applet  see document.applets vidur
Versioning 3 days joki
complete hierarchy 2 days vidur
Select element  1 day vidur
Option constructor  1 day vidur
dynamic change of properties  2 days vidur
Tables 3 days vidur
Frames 1 day joki

Level 0

 Item Estimate Owner
document.embeds, document.plugins 2 days vidur
document.vlinkColor, alinkColor, etc.  1 day vidur
document.getSelection()  1/2 day joki
window.history, back, forward, home, stop, etc 1 day joki
window.screen  2 days joki
window metrics  1 day joki
bars (menu/tool/scroll/etc.)  2 days joki
alert/confirm 1/2 day joki
blur/focus  1/2 day joki
find 1/2 day joki
movement, resizing and scrolling  1 day joki
open completion  1 day joki
print 1/2 day joki
navigator.plugins/plugins.refresh  see document.plugins vidur
mimetypes 2 days vidur
javaEnabled 1 day vidur
Areas also  1 day joki
image.complete  1/2 day joki


Item Estimate Owner
Applet reflection  3 days vidur
plugin reflection 3 days vidur


Item Estimate Owner
inline STYLE attribute  done vidur
document.stylesheets  done vidur
StyleSheet/Rule/Declaration hierarchy done vidur
STYLE element in HTML 2 days vidur


Item Estimate Owner
BODY event handlers 2 days joki
capturing 3 days joki
document/image onLoad() and onAbort() 1 day joki
Form elements onChange()/onSelect() 2 days joki
Drag and drop  2 weeks joki
Stop bubbling events that shouldn't bubble  1 day joki
Key event charsets  1 day joki
Event object completion 2 days joki
Hierarchical mouseOver/mouseOut  2 days joki
cancelBubble()  1 day joki


Item Estimate Owner
Parse ARCHIVE attribute on SCRIPT tag. 1 day joki
Retrieve scripts out of jar files. 2 days joki
Retrieve principals and create JSPrincipals from archive. 2 days joki
Create and pass JSPrincipals into script evaluation routines. 5 days joki
Conduct a security review (with members of the security group) of all new objects, properties and methods in the DOM. 5 days joki
Move Raman's capabilities database (potentially an XPCOM'ed version of the API) into the Raptor build. 3 days joki
Port lm_taint routines into DOM module. 5 days joki
Modify IDL parser to deal with annotations to IDL attributes that indicate that they are tainted. 3 days joki


Item Estimate Owner
??? vidur