Writing a Mozilla Application with XUL and Javascript
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  • datasources="rdf:null" creates a tree capable of having RDF data sources attached to it. Without this attribute, the tree will be a static tree. rdf:null is a special null datasource, it acts as a placeholder for the actual datasource, which will be attached at runtime. It is possible to specify other "special" rdf data sources (such as rdf:bookmarks) or an RDF url instead of rdf:null. It is also possible to list multiple data sources, separated by spaces.
  • containment="http://home.netscape.com/NC-irc#chanuser" tells the tree which arc name points to data contained by this tree.
  • The uri="..." attribute specifies that the contents of that tag will be constructed for each containment arc in the data source.
  • Attribute values prefixed by rdf: will be replaced by the target of the RDF arc leading from the matching containment target.
  • The root RDF node for this tree is set at runtime.
  • The state attribute is used as a selector in the CSS rules to determine which image to display.

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