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Current Layout Projects

Last Updated: 8/10/98

UPDATE: This is no longer the current layout engine! See the road map for details on the new plan (including use of NGLayout.

Here's what is happening on top of the current layout engine. Some of this is done, most of it needs your help. Please contact the layout team (Chris, Eric, Harish and Nisheeth) for any contributions you want to make. Thanks a lot.


Mariner is the project that added page reflow support to the current layout engine. It has resulted in performance enhancements in the layout of text and tables. We need help for implementing DOM interfaces that enable dynamic style and content manipulation by using the new page reflow capabilities.

Contacts: Chris Toshok, Nisheeth Ranjan.


We want to stabilize our current CSS implementation and make it as W3C compliant as we can. The browser compatibility charts for CSS point out exactly what needs to be worked on to improve Mozilla's CSS support. Fixing this stuff is going to win you the admiration of all those folks who have been pulling their hair out over CSS incompatibilities between browsers. Please help.

Contacts: Eric Pollmann, Harish Dhurvasula.

HTML 4.0

We need lots of help here, too. We've determined the new features needed for compliance with the spec. Some of these features make great mini projects. If you want to implement any, please let us know.

Contacts: Chris Toshok, Nisheeth Ranjan.

Layout Probe

This is a project that implements the abstraction of a "probe" into the layout information of the currently loaded document(s). The idea is to let an external process use this abstraction to query Mozilla and get layout information that can be used to test the layout engine. Your contribution is most welcome.

Contacts: Chris Toshok, Nisheeth Ranjan.