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Unimplemented HTML 4.0 Features in Mozilla

August 10, 1998

What follows is a summary of the BODY level tags and features that Mozilla does not currently support.

This list is by no means complete. Please update it with whatever HTML 4.0 features you see that are missing, and also add things to the notes column should you be privy to some information that might help with planning or implementing the feature.

XP Time Needed
FE Work needed?
title attribute on every tag/element, rendered as a tooltip. 1 day Y
event handlers on every tag/element. 5 weeks. Y Nisheeth and Toshok are currently working on this for SPAN and DIV tags
language information (the lang attribute) and text direction (the dir attribute) long time, especially for bi-di text. Probably
id attribute for links. 2 days N Allows a href's to go to any element when clicked, instead of just named anchors.
DFN, ACRONYM and ABBR tags 4 days each N
INS and DEL tags 4 days each N
THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY tags. 4 weeks N
COLGROUP and COL tags. 2 weeks N
Other new table related attributes (axis, abbr, scope, etc) ?? N
LABEL form element 1 week N If we're going to do access key/tab navigation stuff, we should have LABEL
OPTGROUP form element 1 week Y
FIELDSETand LEGEND form element 2 weeks Y
BUTTON form element 1 week Y ?
Form element tab navigation. 3 weeks Y This could probably be worked into the existing tab navigation code, and the mariner stuff could keep the majority of code in XP.
Access keys for form elements. 2 week Y
IFRAME tag 3 weeks Y IFRAMES could leverage heavily off the existing layer code. All we would need is a way for layout to tell the front end to create scrollbars, and then have the front end tell layout when the use scrolls.
longdesc attribute for FRAME tags This is primarily there for non visual user agents.