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CSS's Top 10 List

Chris Toshok, Eric Pollmann, Harish Dhurvasula, Nisheeth Ranjan, Suresh Duddi

Goal: To get traction on fixing the bugs in mozilla's CSS-1 implementation
Task: Fix the 10 bugs in CSS inheritance and formatting listed below
Start Date: Sept. 8, 1998
End Date: Sept. 18, 1998
Duration: 10 days
Status: Partially done

Harish and Eric are working full time on improving CSS stability in mozilla. Please help out in this effort in any way you can. If you are a programmer, download the source, compile it, step through the code, and fix some bugs. Once you're familiar with the code, work on CSS features. If you get stuck, post to the layout newsgroup and we'll help you. If you aren't a programmer, download a binary, run it through the W3C CSS test suite, and file bugs on us using Bugzilla.

Lets make CSS in mozilla rock!

The following table lists the bugs we are attacking over the next 10 days. Click on the bug links below to go to the Bugzilla bug report. If you want to track the progress of a bug, put yourself on the CC list of the bug and you will get an email each time a comment is added to that bug. 

Bug Description Status Bugzilla Bug # Victim
Table not inheriting properties
 Not Fixed
Nested CSS-P bug  Partially Fixed
font-family defaults don't work for cursive and fantasy fonts Not Fixed 712
Float property makes the page look scrambled Not Fixed 714
Background positioning of images not working at all Partially Fixed
Font-size declaration works for TD but ignored for TH Not Fixed 733
Border styles set to show individually all show as outset  Partially Fixed 717
Bad CSS formatting on page Not Fixed 718
TextTransform does not work on CSS for non-ASCII Not Fixed 719
CSS "width" not interpreted correctly. Not Fixed 761