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Mozilla XPApps Project

What is XPApps?

The XPApps project was started in late 1998 to develop cross-platform application user interfaces for Mozilla, particularly the Navigator browser, using the XPToolkit . One of the goals of the XPApps project is to write as much application behavior in Javascript as possible.

Our current charter is to develop the browsing related front end for Mozilla, the main example being the Navigator FE. We also develop the front end for browsing related applications in the Mozilla suite such as Bookmarks, History, Sidebar, Search, Preferences, Form/Password/Cookie/Image Management, Helper Applications and Profile Manager FE. We're also responsible for such things as the core application shell, turbo mode startup (QuickLaunch), and command line handling.  We have recently taken responsibility for those portions of the XPToolkit which are mainly used by XPApps, such as XUL, XBL and the widgets.


Current XPApps developers include Mozilla contributors and Netscape employees from the Navigator team. Here's a contact list with some of their responsibilities:

If you have any general questions, comments or concerns about this team and its work; or especially if you'd like to participate as a team member, please contact me:

Bugs and Triage

The XPApps team currently has an enormous backlog of untargetted bug reports.  We are trying to dig ourselves out from under these to know where we stand for the next release.  We welcome any help you can provide.  Once we have the backlog cleared, we will be triaging untargetted bugs as they arrive, and using triage teams (engineer + manager + QA) to handle any excess load.

Also check out the Navigator: Who to bug? page on how to direct bugs and questions for this group.

Components/Projects (Needs updating)

Aurora Data views and configurable UI in Navigator
(includes bookmarks, history, etc)
bookmarksliner Conversion of bookmarks to outliner for faster loading and scrolling, better drag and drop experience, and use of supported widget.
performance Strategy for speeding the browser up
Quick Launch Preload for improved performance
Search Internet search via the URL bar search button or
the search sidebar panel
Sidebar The content area holding a set of mini-webpages or data


For discussion of XPApps, Browsing Applications and Navigator Front End, post to the netscape.public.mozilla.browser newsgroup. 

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