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BookmarksLiner : Breakdown

XBL Bindings P1 1 day 90%
Create XBL bindings for different types of bookmarks outliners, multi-columned, single column, etc. These bindings take care of differences such as single click, etc.
Command Enabling P1 1 day 100%
Implement controllers to support command updating to advertise availability of commands (disabled/enabled) based on selection state within outliner.
Command Implementation P1 3-4 days 100%
Migrate code that handles command execution from old bookmarks codebase via copy/paste, make required changes for outliner. Hook up to controller.
Drag & Drop P1 2-3 days 80%
Migrate drag and drop code from existing codebase, change outliner references to tree references as appropriate.
Installation of Bindings P1 3 days 100%
Install Bookmarks XBL bindings into each place in the UI where they are used.
Personal Toolbar Recovery P1 2 days 100%
Ensure that the Personal Toolbar is not harmed by changes to js. Fix any regressions as required. Complete as of now; no further regressions expected.
Context Menu P1 2 days 100%
Implement context menu builder (generates list of available options for the current selection). Strong possibility of pillaging lots of existing code here.
Find P1 1 day 100%
Make necessary changes to find to work with outliner.
Stringbundle Implementation P1 1 day 100%
Hook up string bundle for localizable strings across component.
Sort P1 1 day 50%
Ensure sort menu items and column headers are hooked up. Need to add support to nsOutlinerSorting for anonymous outliner columns.
Statusbar Feedback P2 1 day 100%
Implement appropriate statusbar feedback when selecting folders and items.
Inline Edit P2 4 days 0%*
Implement inline-edit functionality in widget toolkit for outliner widget, hook up to bookmarks for rename and New Folder operations. Depends on: bug 95401
Open State Persistence P2 2 days 100%
Persistence of folder-open-state within outliner. This can be implemented in one of two ways, a) by using a generic mechanism with localstore.rdf b) by implementing support for 4.x's FOLDED bookmark folder attribute which stores open state in the datasource and allows for state to be persisted across browser versions.
Separators P3 1 day 100%
No support in outliner currently for visual horizontal line separators. Either implement support required or use 4.x's <separator> text in view if time is short. Depends on: bug 102579
Immutable View P3 1 day 0%**
Create concept of "non-editable" view which is used for things like Search Results view, which contains a list of bookmarks that cannot be deleted, OR modify the Bookmarks datasource to include a special back-arc out of bookmark resources to their parent container to allow deletion from within "immutable" lists.

    * To be done by
    ** Under discussion; just disabling commands for landing
Other Tasks
These tasks can be implemented at the same time. Large bookmarks changes present an excellent opportunity to get this sort of thing in.
  • Bookmark Properties Dialog - reorganization of content for schedule UI per mpt.