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Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts in Thunderbird, and the equivalents in Outlook Express.

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Notes for Mac OS X users

  • Mac OS X uses Cmd instead of Ctrl as the accelerator key. Throughout this page, Ctrl/Cmd will be used.
  • Mac OS X uses Return instead of Enter. Throughout this page, Enter/Return will be used.
  • The function keys (F1 through F12) are usually only applicable to Windows and Linux, since Mac OS X reserves these for other functions.
Command Thunderbird Outlook Express
New Message Ctrl+M Win/Linux
Open Message (in new window) Ctrl/Cmd+O Ctrl+O
Close Window Ctrl/Cmd+W Alt+F4
Print Ctrl/Cmd+P Ctrl+P
Copy Ctrl/Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl/Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Delete Del Del
Paste Ctrl/Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Select All Ctrl/Cmd+A Ctrl+A
Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y
Caret Browsing F7 Feature Not Available
Edit as New Ctrl/Cmd+E Feature Not Available
Expand All Threads * Feature Not Available
Collapse All Threads \ Feature Not Available
Find Again Ctrl/Cmd+G
Find Link As You Type ' Feature Not Available
Find Previous Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+G
Find Text in This Message Ctrl/Cmd+F
Forward Message Ctrl/Cmd+L Ctrl+F
Get New Messages for Current Account Ctrl/Cmd+T
F9 Linux/Mac

F5 Win
Get New Messages for All Accounts Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T Ctrl+M
Toggle Message Pane F8
Go to Next Message F Ctrl+>
Go to Next Unread Message N Ctrl+U
Go to Next Viewed Message ] Feature Not Available
Go to Next Unread Thread T Ctrl+Shift+U
Go to Previous Message B Ctrl+<
Go to Previous Unread Message P Feature Not Available
Go to Previously Viewed Message [ Feature Not Available
Move to Next Mail Pane F6 Tab
Move to Search Bar Ctrl/Cmd+K Feature Not Available
Increase Text Size Ctrl/Cmd++
Decrease Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+-
Restore Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+0
Remove All Tags from Message 0 Feature Not Available
Add/Remove Tag 1 to 9 Feature Not Available
Mark Message as Read/Unread M Ctrl+Q
Mark Thread as Read R Ctrl+T
Mark All Read Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C Win/Mac
Shift+C Linux
Mark All Read By Date C Feature Not Available
Mark As Junk J Feature Not Available
Mark As Not Junk Shift+J Feature Not Available
Move / Copy Again Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+M Feature Not Available
Message Source Ctrl/Cmd+U Ctrl+F3
Reply to Message (sender only) Ctrl/Cmd+R Ctrl+R
Reply to All in Message (all recipients) Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+R
Save Message as File Ctrl/Cmd+S
Search Messages Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F Win/Mac
Shift+F Linux
Send Message Now Ctrl/Cmd+Enter/Return Ctrl+Enter
Send Message Later Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Enter/Return
Send and Receive All Messages Ctrl/Cmd+T
Stop Esc Esc
Exit Ctrl/Cmd+Q
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