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Status Update #224 — Monday March 1, 2004

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Mozilla 1.7 Alpha

Mozilla 1.7 Alpha has been released. This latest version features improved popup blocking, with a better method for detecting and stopping popups and the ability to open blocked popups. Mail & Newsgroups now supports multiple identities per mail account (though there is no user interface for this yet) and also sports several usability enhancements. In addition, this version of Mozilla adds support for the onBeforeUnload event and includes a newer and enhanced version of ChatZilla, which now understands the /ignore command. Mozilla 1.7 Alpha is also smaller than 1.6 and page load times have improved since the last release.

Minimo 0.1

Minimo 0.1, the first public preview of the Mozilla Foundation's browser for small devices, is now available for ARM devices running Linux with the GTK toolkit. The release has been tested on Familiar Linux 0.7.2 running GPE on the iPAQ 5555 and iPAQ 38xx.

String Code

Darin Fisher has written a detailed newsgroup message about the changes to Mozilla's string code (bug 231995).

Tree Structure Documentation

Christian Biesinger has written a document describing the directory structure of the Mozilla source code tree.


David Baron has proposed simplifying the reflow reason/type mechanisms.


Downloads of over 64MB no longer break the disk cache (new limit is 4GB) (bug 229984).

Sun Keyboard

The Find and Help keys on Sun keyboards are now supported (bug 229438).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status).

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday February 16, 2004
Mozilla 1.7 Alpha; Developer Day; Branding; Standalone Calendar (Mozilla Sunbird); Other
Monday February 23, 2004
Mozilla 1.7a update; Developer Day; Firefox logos; FOSDEM Report; Download numbers

Independent Status Reports

Sunday February 29, 2004
Feed Parser, JRex, Mycroft, HONcode, Forumzilla, IE View, Compact Menu, QuickNote, MozManual, MessageID-Finder and Launchy

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