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Minimo v0.1

Minimo v0.1 is the "first" public preview release of a small device browser. We have tested this release on Familiar 0.7.2 unstable running GPE on IPAQs 5555 and 38xx.

Changes since earlier release

  • Based on the 1.7a Mozilla codebase.
  • The https protocol now works, go shopping for a new IPAQ on your IPAQ!
  • New, not final, UI. Send us your ideas!
  • No longer had a libstdc++ dependency.
  • Further codesize and memory footprint reduction.
  • SmallDevice layout optimizations.

Where to find v0.1

Minimo v0.1 is part of the unstable feed currently. If you have ipkg setup correctly, you should be able to run the following command:

ipkg install minimo

If you have problems with this, please consult the ipkg documentation.

Minimo v0.1 is also now part of the stable feed. If you had installed the unstable version, be sure to remove the ipkg package as well as remove the /usr/lib/mozilla-minimo directory. We have found that the packaging software does not reliably remove all files from the IPAQ.

Memory Usage

Currently minimo takes up about 25 mb of RSS. This graph show the memory usage while running the browser against the page loader test.

Memory Graph

If you have questions, contact Doug Turner