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Last Updated Thursday, March 30, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • Ben Bucksch continues to generate great ideas in the mail/news components. He's currently working on adding style to plain text quoting, and helping redesign the preferences. -- Phil Peterson
  • Akkana Peck added a cool 4.x featurelet to mozilla: now you can switch your text vs. HTML composition mode when create a new message while holding down the Shift key. -- Phil Peterson
  • Sammy Ford, for fixing several of my bugs (including some unglamourous file placement ones) -- Ben Goodger
  • In the process of mastering the CD for the anniversary party I ran across mkhybrid, which is a pretty spiffy utility for making hybrid CDs that work on win32, unix and macintosh. Without mkhybrid the CDs could have been usable on macs but only barely so. Thanks to James Pearson <> to whom I'm sending a t-shirt and a cd. Without mkhybrid, the party cd would have been toast. (pun intended) Here's a howto I wrote so we can do it again next time. -- Dawn Endico
Module Updates
Mar 20
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Mike Pinkerton made a first cut at a screen manager for querying multiple monitors on mac/win32/linux. (pinkerton)
  • Eric Vaughan made significant box speed, stability, ease of use improvements as part of box infrastructure work.  (evaughan)
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
  • Made the progressmeter skinnable.
  • Completed basic rearchitecture of chrome registry.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 91 bugs in the last week, fixing 28 of  these, including 2  PDT+ and 4 new features.  For details, see our resolved bug list.

  • Lowlights

    As part of aggressive triaging to plan for a feature complete PR2, we have resolved a number of features as LATER (will not be done in this project), including:

    • Drag & drop of toolbars and containers within toolbars.
    • Auto-sizing columns of tree widget.
    • Font picker widget and data source.
    • Mac clipboard image support.
    • nsISound::Play support for Mac sound formats.
    • XBL key alias.
    • APIs for a number of widget content nodes.
    If you still need these, or any other latered features on our resolved bug list, please let us know right away.


  • pinkerton:
  • Expand the DOM screen object to use new screen manager.
  • saari:
  •  29830 Removing top-level DOM menu node doesn't remove me
  • hyatt:
  • Make skin/locale switching work in the new system.
  • Write installation APIs for chrome registry.
  • evaughan:
  • Finish box infrastructure work.
  • Finish spring grid.
  • pavlov:
  •   13161 nsClipboard::HasDataMatchingFlavors
  •  20901 Unix Paste should request CLIPBOARD selection
  • danm:
  •  8877 Window Z-ordering.
  • People

    Still looking for a good programmer who wants to become a regular, full-time addition to our team.

    Mail / News
    Mar 18
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
    • Fixed 47 bugs last week, including both trunk and beta1 branch
    • Of those bugs, there are new features on the trunk, including:
      • Double-clicking a mail folder/newsgroup now opens a new window
      • NNTP now works with SSL
      • Each folder now has its own sort, and maintains that setting across sessions
      • Toggling the thread/message pane splitter using the menu command now works
      • User-specified Draft/Template folders are recognized
      • IMAP support for "noselect" flag (for UW interop) now works
      • Address Book tree widgets now show sort direction; thread pane coming soon
      • Autocomplete in the compose window now works on comma-separated address lists
      • When closing a compose window they haven't sent/saved, users now get a warning dialog
    • UI design meetings last week focused on Preferences and Mailing Lists
    • Finish off the last couple beta stoppers.
    • Highest priority for M15 and M16 is to finish the hot beta2 features. Our goal is to be feature-complete at beta2.

    • bienvenu - 10837 Import tool for 4.x address books, 16805 IMAP delete model, 22158 Set replied/forwarded flag on messages
    • alecf - on vacation
    • jefft - 31061 "Stationery" not being used consistently instead of "Template", 30361 IMAP folders with \NoInferiors cannot be a target parent folder
    • rhp - MIME parts on demand
    • mscott - 30790 Click on URL that references image; image loads in Mail, not browser, 7807Convert IMAP interfaces to IDL
    • sspitzer - 17795 Subscribe dialog for IMAP and NNTP
    • hangas - M15 feature bugs
    • putterman - 31805 Finish up multiple window work, 16545 Clear biff when getting new messages, 16349 Shift-Delete to delete messages without copying to Trash
    • chuang -   32285 Add mailing listto address book - back end, 32286 Edit mailing list in address book - back end
    • ducarroz - Autocomplete addressing
    Mar 23
    Submitted by Christine M. Begle <>
    Gervase Markham ( is now organizing the smoketesting effort. We now have people testing the daily, tip builds on all three platforms, catching regressions and really bad bugs.
    Mar 24
    Submitted by Brendan Eich <>
    I sped up the JS engine by "inlining" execution of most functions to occur within the same C activation as the caller's execution. Most functions means those not containing eval calls, with statements, nested function expressions or statements, or even more obscure cases. See bug 27767 for the gory details.
    Mar 24
    Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>
    Last Friday, Terry and I tracked down and came up with a fix for another bugzilla hang. If we're lucky, perhaps this will be the last scaling problem that we'll see for a while.

    Real Soon Now (TM), maybe even by the time you read this, I'll be checking in a new bugzilla feature called watches. The idea is that you can get copies of the bugzilla mail sent to a specific person sent to you also. We came up with this so that when one person disappears for a while (eg goes on sabbatical), someone else will get copies of all the mail related to bugs that the absent person owns, is cced on, reported, etc and will be able to take action if necessary. It might also be useful for QA folks assigned to follow the work of specific developers. I'll post to mozilla-seamonkey and mozilla-webtools once I get this checked in.

    Upcoming: starting work on centralizing account information (despot/cvs, bugzilla, bonsai, tinderbox, etc) into an LDAP database. In addition to dropping the requirement for separate logins, this will eventually allow for better contact info for sheriffing, dynamic mailing lists (eg bonsai-hook, everyone-with-checkin-privs, etc) and various other things as well.

    Mar 27
    Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Mike Pinkerton added support for multiple monitors on Win32.  XPMenus will show up correctly when window is on a monitor other than the primary. (pinkerton)
  • Eric Vaughan completed the box infrastructure implementation, and is now testing the changes on the tip in preparation for landing RSN. (evaughan)
  • Chris Saari spent a lot of time fixing a focus regression caused by someone else's checkin. (saari)
  • Daniel Matejka is 'dangerously close' to having z-ordering working on Windows. It's not there yet, but it's close. The Mac will follow soon

  • after, and hopefully gtk won't try to hurt him. This is a good feature
    that will help fix a couple of sticky modal dialog bugs and open a path to other features, like floating palettes and Nav 4  compatibility. (danm).
  • David Hyatt (hyatt):
  • Implemented chrome registry skin/locale switching APIs.
  • Implemented a basic package installation API (doesn't handle overlays yet).
  • Implemented the skin switching calls and mocked up a little UI for it to demonstrate.
  • Implemented the XUL <textfield> in single and multi-line forms. This widget wraps and replaces <html:input> and <html:textarea> in XUL.
  • Added support for the <children/> element to XBL, which will enable us to do all sorts of absolutely incredible things in skins.
  • Stuart Parmenter rewrote the Unix file picker and changed windows and mac file pickers to use a new interface (should resolve 10 or so bugs) as soon as he flips the switch. (pavlov)
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 81 bugs in the last week, fixing 37 of  these, including 5 new features.  For details, see our resolved bug list.

  • Lowlights

    Still lots of features left to do before M15 cutoff, but not much time left.  Regressions, illness and other unexpected problems are taking their toll.


  • pinkerton:
  • Implement scrolling xp menus (bug 11586)
  • Making initial window placement on multi-monitor systems

  • better (24525).
  • saari:
  •  14381"About Apprunnerø" from Apple menu needs upda
     29830 Need to implement nsISound::Play on Mac
  • Fix window positioning at a higher level, made possible

  • thanks to Pink's multiple monitor support.
  • hyatt:
  • Work on package installation issues and troubleshoot chrome registry stuff.
  • Fix toolbar grippies to be skinnable.
  • Convert controls array to hold XUL widgets and not HTML form elements.
  • evaughan:
  • Checkin iinfrastructure work
  • Update grid control to new box infrastructure changes.
  • pavlov:
  • Flip switch to use new file picker.
  • Look at using multiple transferables in order to do

  • proper clipboard/selection paste handling on X.
  • danm:
  • Z-ordering.
  • Window "center" attribute.
  • Issues

    Regressions are sucking up a lot of our feature development time, seriously endangering our milestone committments.  When you are making changes that could affect toolkit behavior, especially involving keyboard focus, event handling, key binding,  trees, or dialog modality, please ensure that all related features work on at least Win32, Linux and MacOS.  If you don't have these machines, give the patches to us or your best platform buddy before you checkin.


    Daniel Matejka reports getting a lot of valuable help from Robert O'Callahan <>.   Dialogs are now starting to look much improved on Windows (Bug 7372 ).  Thanks Robert!

    Mar 27
    Submitted by Jim Nance <jnance@nortelnetworks.comd>
    Mozilla can be built using Compaq's cc and cxx compilers under Tru64 Unix 4.0D, 4.0F, and 5.0. It does not run correctly under 4.0D, which is why the tindbox machine at stays brown. I do not believe that it is possible to build a working mozilla using gcc, though I have not actually verified this.

    Here are some items that are currently being worked on:

    • Jeff Sullivan of Compaq is trying to find out what is wrong under 4.0D. Compaq would like 4.0D (and 4.0C) to work.
    • Gail Lyons of Compaq is looking at a bug in the ATOM tools that keeps hiprof and third from working with mozilla.
    • Clemmitt Sigler's 4.0F machine died so I no longer have access to a 4.0F machine. Unfortunatly this means I have no way to build 4.0F binaries, which is what most people will need.
    Mar 29
    Submitted by Henrik Lynggaard <>
    I have upgraded MozillaTranslator to version 3.4, here are the changes:

    • to trigger the keep original flag the localization note only need to BEGIN with "DONT_TRANSLATE". this opens up for writeing something like DONT_TRANSLATE: this is debug and still trigger the flag
    • when packing for submit, it will insert a licence comment in the begging of the files (both dtd and properties) to activate, put two text files in the directory where mozillaTranslator.jar resides. they must be called mpl_dtd.txt and mpl_properties.txt, put they can contain anything. They will just be bulk copied into the files.
    • it is now posible to include chrome.rdf (the old scheme) in the zip files.
    • It is now possible to zip up just one component.
    • It is now possible to export only one component to the chrome.
    • MozillaTranslator now has simple search posilitities.


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